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The 12 Phases Of The Seven Year Cycle

Beginning at birth you go through 7 month phases of growth and change throughout your life. After 12 such phases, you have completed a 7 year cycle and you will start over again. Each of these twelve phases have a describable character or theme. I have found these themes to be related to the 12 character types of the Astrological Zodiac.

These zodiacal archetypes are not just “astrological”. They refer to a fundamental process in nature that tends to pattern itself similar to the laws of musical harmony. I illustrate this on the page Insights into the Pattern. The signs of the zodiac, however, provide a convenient and very ancient character description for these 12 phases.

BeginnIn each of these twelve 7 month phases you will struggle with or be concerned with certain issues that relate to the archetypal themes of the 12 signs of the zodiac, such as self worth, self expression, your relationship to the larger world around you.

Each seven month phase of life has a unique quality or distinct flavor and the experiences that you have during the phase always addresses the underlying theme of the phase, although uniquely in each individual’s case.

Each phase can be said to be a life lesson and opportunity for growth. Each phase builds on the previous phase in terms of a growth process and each phase can also be said to be a correction of the excesses of the previous phase.

All twelve phases during a seven year cycle also can be seen as a complete lesson, with the next seven year cycle beginning a new process of growth that builds on the previous seven year cycle.

EachphAs you begin a new 7 month phase, the ‘theme’ of the phase seems to impinge itself upon you with experiences that relate to the theme. Because this is a universal pattern for all human beings you are forced to deal with the essential issues associated with that particular phase.

For instance, the theme of the Virgo Phase, the 6th phase of the seven year cycle, is often related to issues of reappraisal of your relations with others, and of your service or employment in life.

Also, as I mentioned above, the types of experiences that we have during any 7 month phase will often be remarkably similar in their essential nature or broad outlines to the experiences we were having seven years prior.

We may meet or have relationships with persons who have an effect upon us similar to someone we knew seven years ago, or experience a similar series of events. It is uncanny how the same essential issues or themes seem to arise over and over again. And yet this is what the nature of this cycle reveals.

Another characteristic of these phases is that you will experience particular ones during a seven year cycle to be more demanding or intense in the issues you must deal with. It is inherent to the nature of the phase and is not arbitrary or coincidental that this is the case. Nor is it dependent upon what you do.

The question of how much you determine the experiences of your life and how much is ‘fated’ or predetermined is not one I will pursue here. This pattern does not determine what specifically will happen in your life, but it patterns the archetypal issues you must deal with, when you must deal with them, and the particular crisis periods or ‘turning points’ when these issues will arise most intensely.

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