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The 12 Laws of the Universe

12 Universal Spiritual Laws & The Astrological ConnectionIf you’ve been alive on Planet Earth for the last 10 years, you’ve surely heard about The Secret phenomenon, the Law of Attraction, and the plethora of on-going discussions about how (and from some people, if) this concept of “attracting” really works. It’s certainly been a dinner party conversation-starter and created a frenzy of LOA experts on Twitter.

But did you know the Law of Attraction is only one of the 12 Universal Spiritual Laws?

Yep, there are 11 more Universal Spiritual Laws circling us that can help you become your highest possible Master of Self.

Basic tenets of the 12 Universal Spiritual Laws:

They simply are. Like gravity, Universal Spiritual Laws exist with no requirement from a human mind to ‘agree’ to them or with them.

There is no hierarchy. All Laws are equal in importance and effect. In this workshop they are presented in a pre-determined order so we can build upon some and reference others, but there is no specific number 1, number 2, etc. They are all equal.

The choice is human. Universal Spiritual Laws are occurring for all of us at all of the time, but we must decide to consciously use them in the highest possible way. They have already chosen to work with us; we must choose to work with them in return.

Learning a new Law can take time and effort because it requires a new way of thinking about, understanding, and working with energy. Time can be required to see results, so don’t give up or lose hope; miracles can happen at any moment. (We’ll talk more about this in the Law of Detachment.) Even if you can’t results right away, energy is changing around you.

The 12 Universal Spiritual Laws

1. The Law of Divine Oneness
2. The Law of Energy
3. The Law of Vibration
4. The Law of Attraction
5. The Law of Abundance
6. The Law of Compensation
7. The Law of Cause and Effect
8. The Law of Action
9. The Law of Polarity
10. The Law of Relativity
11. The Law of Rhythm
12. The Law of Detachment

What the Law of Divine Oneness Means

The Law of Divine Oneness provides the fundamental understanding that we are all connected to each other, and that we are all connected to the same Divine Higher Entity (God, the Universe, Source, etc.). We co-exist equally and collectively in the spiritual world as we are all composed of the same energetic foundation. In physical form, we also co-exist with the earth as a reflection of our collective Oneness. The earth then reflects back to us our human and biological evolution.

This Universal Spiritual Law is conscious awareness that although we have found many ways to separate ourselves as individuals with defining labels, we are all energetically One. We each possess sovereign individual power from the same Source and we choose to use it in different ways and at different times in our Soul’s growth. Collectively, we are a group of spiritual beings who are having a human experience with the intention of developing more fully in whatever ways our Soul needs to grow. This is where physical individuation takes form – yet the Source energy is the same.

It can be hard to look at someone whom we appear to have nothing in common with and do not like (at all!) and believe that we could possibly be connected to them. Yet the only way someone can be in your life is if there is an energetic connection, and this connection serves the purpose of healing, awareness, reflection, and personal growth.

External realities can certainly reinforce the belief that we are separate. Yet the Law of Divine Oneness is the conscious remembrance that we are a collective family of humanity, united and spiritually supported equally. Notably, the word humanity is composed of the word unity.

The purpose of this Universal Spiritual Law is to connect our conscious minds and open hearts to compassion, joy, support, gratitude and appreciation of one another as we walk our separate Soul-ful paths. The Law of Divine Oneness serves to return us to a place of loving, accepting and enjoying each other as family from the same Source.

What Divine Oneness Looks Like in the Real World

The World Wide Web: The internet has been a central vehicle in uniting and connecting individuals across countries, languages, cultures, ages, and all other separating labels. The highest use of the internet is in reminding us that we can be connected to anyone, at any time, and in any place. We know this connection innately in our spiritual Self because we are naturally linked to Source and each other energetically in the spirit word. The World Wide Web is a representation of the interconnected communication tools we naturally use in our Soul state. We have a Cosmic Wide Web that is how we normally communicate between our spiritual selves, and the internet is playing this role in physical form.

War: War in any part of the world affects every part of the world because the distance between people and geographical locations has diminished as we have expanded in connection. Resources, lives and intelligence are gathered from both allies and foes. When a country decides to engage in war of any kind, it reminds us that we all occupy the earth together. As humans grow in consciousness, the use of war will be challenged more and more as awareness about Divine Oneness exponentially grows. The decline in war is the decline in our Mind-Egos seeking to control, dominate and “know” everything. The highest outcome of any version of violence is that it returns us to the realization of Divine Oneness.

Peace: Peace in any part of the world can be contagious when there is intent behind it. The meaning of peace is to return us to our Soul’s natural state of love, joy, support and calm. There is no competition, disagreement, violence or fear-based thoughts in the spiritual world because they are not needed. All people are honored for where they are on their path. All individuals are understood to be learning and doing the best they can. When we actively apply these peaceful thoughts to our lives, we experience greater internal peace because we are actively creating the peace that is our natural state. Notice that peace exists in geographical places where love, compassion and forgiveness reign.

Natural disasters: We are energetically connected to the earth and the earth is connected to us; it is a symbiotic and complementary relationship. The highest purpose of a natural disaster is to remind us that we are all sharing and living on the same planet together. When an earthquake happens in Haiti, we hear about it on the internet in minutes. When a tsunami occurs in Japan, it takes over Facebook. We have access to each other as never before and natural disaster events are meant to serve us in developing compassion, gratitude, support and heart-connections to one another as reminders of Divine Oneness.

The oceans: The Divine Oneness of oceans is that we are all surrounded by water, composed of water and rely on water for basic survival. The oceans are a symbol of all that we value and cherish on the planet, a precious resource for every physical being. The 2010 BP oil spill is an excellent example of how something happening in one part of the ocean can travel to multiple other destinations and affect millions of people around the world. Treating our oceans and all water resources with respect is a reflection of the Law of Divine Oneness as the earth continues to shift on its axis and redistribute this vital commodity.

An Intuitive Message about Divine Oneness

“The great fallacy of being human is to believe that your body, family, culture, geography and all other physical descriptors are your defining identity. In fact, your true Self is beyond words, description or even human understanding because it is a beauty and light that shines brighter than the closest Sun and further than the farthest galaxy. As the collective of humanity joins together with higher conscious energy, the world will notice that there are always more similarities than differences and always more reflections of energy than separations of energy. The time to remember your common connections of Source energy is now and you are truly ready for all of the peace this awareness brings. Those you choose to fight only represent your internal disruptions. Those you choose to dislike only represent the qualities you wish to change in yourself. Those you choose to view as difficult only show you what is ready to change in your own behaviors and actions. Each person on your path is a Divine gift that you are ready to receive when you open your heart to the knowledge that All are One and One is You.”

Astrological Connection

The ethereal, nebulous inspirations of Pisces (associated with the planet Neptune) represent the energy of Divine Oneness. This astrological sign prefers to exist without boundaries, free to roam and float away beyond any linear lines or strict cages. Pisces is a mystical, creative and inspirational energy known for wanting to experience higher consciousness and develop spiritual awareness across all dimensions. The highest intention of Pisces is to grow on a Soul level and seek beyond what the mental mind can define. As the Law of Divine Oneness expands in knowingness, we can expect Piscean ideals to light the way as we dissolve previous definitions of rules and open up to more concepts that revolve around developing our spiritual Self.

What the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy Means

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy states that all energy is in continual motion with the intention of moving from dark to light and lower to higher vibrations. Energy is occurring at all times and in numerous ways around us because its natural purpose is to grow, evolve and transform into higher expressions and state. We see this occurring most naturally in the ever-changing seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) and in the earth and atmosphere’s natural elements (oceans, trees, clouds, Sun, etc.). Energetic transmutation is the natural state of all things.

All objects, people, events and matter are composed of energy with the ability to transform. The chair you sit in is created by the energy of each individual material (wood, nails, glue, etc.) brought together to form a chair. The energy of the chair evolves as it ages and the movement of energy within the chair is most noticeable if the materials are not protected with polish, from water damage, and so on. Your car is composed of individual materials, plus the energy of mechanics and gasoline, collectively working together to move the vehicle on the road. Your individual energy is created by the thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and physical body you carry with you at all times. An event or situation is composed of collective energy from each person who attends it and the energy they contribute to the experience. And so on.

On an individual level, the Law of Energy works with us in the form of thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and feelings; each one of these holds energy. Every thought and feeling carries a vibration that exists on an extensive continuum from dark to light. The highest purpose of energy is to move each further up the energetic continuum as that is the nature of healing: to move lesser emotions, thoughts and beliefs up to higher expressions. Yet when energy does not move forward and instead becomes stuck, it creates another form of energy (such as anger, sadness, depression, grief, illness, etc.) that must still be moved forward in some manner. Energy is always in motion and does not stop, even when it appears to be halted.

What the Law of Energy Looks Like in the Real World

The Law of Energy in the Real World looks like “everything.” This is an endless category and can be applied to numerous examples. Below are a few ways to consciously use energy for your personal growth and healing transformations.

Affirmations: Affirmations are thoughts that focus on higher levels of energy. The mind can easily revert to outdated thoughts, beliefs and feelings that on a conscious level a person wants to change. Affirmations assist with this process by introducing new possibilities for the mind to connect and understand. For example, if there is a fear around lack of money, affirmations can provide reassurance that “all my needs are being met now and there is an endless flow of abundance in the universe.” Affirmations introduce higher vibrating thoughts into the mind and can create new energy based on these new thoughts. However, it is important to note that in order for true, permanent change to be addressed, an individual must look at their unconscious beliefs and fears that form the foundation of their personal energy, and be willing to do the change work required to release and let go of these patterns.

Food: The Law of Energy pertains to food since it is a nutritional source that contains energy that contributes to our personal energy. The quality of food we digest affects the quality of energy we experience. Look at food from a historical perspective. It is only in recent years that veganism has become a mainstream concept. More documentaries are being made about sources of nutrition. Individuals are openly commenting on what they eat, where it comes from and how it is grown. All of these trends reflect how the energy of nourishment is moving forward and becoming a conscious lifestyle choice. An increasing number of individuals are becoming aware of food as energy for the body from a grander perspective: where food comes from is the energy we carry inside of us. When animals are fed certain ingredients, we digest that. When plants are grown in specific conditions, we digest that. When food is processed, treated and canned for longevity reasons, we eat those treatments. The Law of Energy is in affect as we consume and nourish ourselves. The choice is to which extent we want to experience higher energy in our physical selves and to make those choices in our nourishment selections.

Emotions: Every emotion exists on an energetic spectrum that ranges from deep, unconscious core fears up to the highest expression of Divine Love. Emotions are meant to be expressed and released as a tool for healing. Each individual chooses, consciously or unconsciously, how to use emotional energy in their life, and unfortunately, there is very little information circulating about how to do this in the most beneficial way. Messages of “Love, Light & Bliss” and “Be Happy Now” can do more harm than good because they encourage the suppression of authentic feelings. The Law of Energy supports emotional release and expression as a form of spiritual advancement and self Love with the intention of healing and growing.

An Intuitive Message about The Law of Energy

“One of the greatest issues with human energy at this time is the numerous misunderstandings around emotions. Energy is made to move and change, for its grander purpose is to assist the Soul in continually evolving and growing. The beauty of energy is that it is eternal in a galaxy where nothing else is. However, the human mind has the ability to stop energy by judging it. When you judge something as good or bad, right or wrong, yes or no, you essentially stop the flow of growth and bring a halt to all the potentials that could be.

For example, when you feel sad, angry or depressed, you judge it as ‘bad’ and something to avoid. When you feel happy, successful and joyful, you judge it as ‘good’ and something to maintain. But no energy stays consistent because then it lacks the potential to grow. The highest expression of energy is to let it flow naturally and not attach judgments to it along the way. When the feelings of sadness, anger and depression appear, allow them to flow and allow yourself to express the emotion with the intention of not doing harm to others. When the feelings of happiness and joy emerge, allow them to flow as well and be willing to share this energy with the intention of bringing the same to others. You can see how the Law of Divine Oneness is connected to the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy.”

Astrological Connections

All astrological signs carry their own energy, and could therefore be related to this Universal Spiritual Law. Yet the continual transmutation of energy is in the domain of Scorpio, ruled by the penetrating energies of Pluto, that seek to transform lesser and outdated behaviors, feelings and thoughts into more authentic versions of one’s true Soul Self.

Scorpio is an intense, probing astrological sign typically associated with the willingness to dig into hidden corners, unearth unconscious secrets and bring them to the light of consciousness. We experience the higher forms of Scorpio as revealing what needs to change, maintaining the focus and persistence to see the work through, and experiencing the emotional intensities along the way to Truth knowing that the reward at the end will be worth the effort. Scorpio energy in lower forms will resort to deceptive secrets, hiding personal needs and desires (from themselves and others), and maintaining an avoidance to one’s emotional motivations.

With the Law of Energy, Scorpio compliments the work of this Universal Spiritual Law by being the detective and psychologist who digs for answers, find clues that lead to personal awareness and delves into the unconscious with the desire to experience the true Self on all possible levels.

{Although your astrological sun sign may not be Scorpio, every person carries the energy of every sign within themselves. Look to your birth chart to discover where Scorpion energy is centrally located in your life. Free birth charts are available at}

What the Law of Vibration Means

The Law of Vibration means that everything in the Universe has an energetic vibration. Every item you own, every job you accept, every relationship you enter and every feeling you express contains a vibrating energy that defines its quality and characteristics.

Look around your house and notice that everything you own has a vibration that appeals to you. (Or else it’s probably on its way to the dumpster right now…) Look around your life and notice that every decision, person and event has an energetic vibration that connects to you. Look around your internal world and notice that everything you think, feel and believe has an energetic vibration that exists somewhere on the continuum between fear and love. The sum of these parts is where you are vibrating with energy.

Don’t like your job? Want a new couch? Ready to release your fear of commitment? All of these decisions and changes signify that you are changing your energetic vibration. The choices you made previously in your life represent a version of yourself that vibrated at one level, and as you grow, heal, and evolve on your spiritual journey, you advance to a higher level of vibration where more love exists.

What the Law of Vibration Looks Like in the Real World

In the previous description, we noted that the Law of Vibration is most evident during the process of change. Look for where you want change and newness in your life as this is where you are open to experiencing new energetic vibrations. The possessions we own and sell are the most obvious examples of these changes.

Below are more ways to spot the Law of Vibration in the Real World.

Career Advancements and/or Dissatisfaction: Desiring a career change, whether through a promotion, switching companies, or moving into a new industry, is an excellent example of the Law of Vibration in the real world. Assumingly, it signifies that a completion of energy has occurred and one is ready to move forward into a higher level of learning. To receive the desired outcome, one must then be vibrating at that next level of energy; hence the saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” The Law of Vibration can also be seen in a company when new leaders, management and personnel are hired and lay-offs occur. Changes in people create a change in vibration where the energy is no longer a match.

Changing Relationships: At their core, changes in relationships represent changes in energy. We experience a change in relationship when a lesson is learned, healing has occurred, growth has happened, or sometimes more noticeably, none of these factors have taken place in one person and yet they have occurred for another person. Friendships, partnerships, colleagues and perceived “enemies” all come into our world because we are vibrating at the same energy (that voice you may be hearing is the Ego-Mind disagreeing about being at the same energetic level as an “enemy.”J)

As you grow, heal and change the way you experience and engage in relationships, you will notice a shift in the people you draw into your life. Ideally, you will form greater love-based relationships after mastering fear-based feelings, thoughts and patterns. All of these changes are about differences in vibration. You will also repel certain people who find it very difficult to relate to your energetic frequency. And, you’ll feel repelled by other people at different energetic vibrations, which could come across as severe dislike, discomfort, anxiety, annoyance, and other negative impressions.

It’s worth also noting the significance of family relationships because family members are part of our soul group lessons. When one has grown in their vibration and other family members have not, there can be more discomfort since loyalty, responsibility and compassion are typically found within family relationships. The differences offer an opportunity to practice the Law of Detachment, which will be covered in an upcoming week, as well as an honoring of one another’s Soul purpose.

Geographical Locations: Every location on the planet has an energetic vibration. On a macro-level, a country’s history, people, culture, language, events and industries all contribute to its vibration. On a smaller scale, a simple park also has an energetic vibration composed of its surroundings, soil, flowers, and the neighborhood it resides in. Where you live holds an energy that is supporting you. Conversely, your energy is contributing to the collective vibration of a place and when your energy changes, you may feel the need to move. We are always exactly where we need to be at each point in our life, and when significant inner work has occurred, we then feel compelled to find a new vibrational match with a new home, city, state or country.

An Intuitive Message about The Law of Vibration

“Everything you value equates with your energetic vibration. As you move through your world, you are naturally drawn to some people, roles and emotions more than others because they have something to offer you in the form of healing and growth. The highest expression of any vibration is that it brings you together with something on which to focus your attention. Then when you have completed that task – which could be shown in the form of a relationship, interest, belief, or numerous other expressions – you are ready to move beyond the energy of that situation. This is how your healing occurs and you are continually given new opportunities to expand yourself and your consciousness through these healing experiences.

It becomes typical in the human mind to compare. You look at each other and think you should all be in a similar place, or doing the same thing at the same age, or that you are each on a comparable path in which to gauge others. These judgments can be damaging if you are not aware of them. They keep you stuck in perpetual cycles of comparison about where you are in your life without the full knowledge of where your Soul has been and what you have agreed to learn and undertake in this lifetime. There is no faster road to dis-satisfaction than comparison without consciousness.”

Astrological Connections

Every astrological sign offers an energetic vibration. The sign most associated with the Law of Vibration is Gemini, ruled by Mercury, because of its focus on communications, information, mental processes and daily activities that encourage us to continually grow, if we are willing.

Gemini energy has a quick pace that enjoys sharing ideas, relating to numerous people, and the spirit for learning and expanding one’s mind. Gemini’s curiosity and desire to know what is happening in social circles makes this sign a natural communicator of information, stories and thoughts. Think of a young child eager to branch out into the bigger world and experience new friends, languages and hobbies while discovering new ways of living on a daily basis. The restlessness and movement of Gemini reflects the healthy expression of energy as it surges forth and continues to grow. The Law of Vibration echoes these same traits when we notice that every daily situation is an opportunity for growth and a chance to move beyond what is known and search for a higher expression of it in a new area.

Gemini is associated with mental patterns and how we speak to ourselves internally. Our thoughts become words, our words become actions, our actions become our life experiences, and all of these carry energy that defines our vibration. Examining your mental process and where your mind goes regularly will highlight if you are experiencing more love-based or fear-based thoughts on a regular basis, and what type of complementary energies you are experiencing as a result.

At its highest expression, the vibration of Mercury will encourage one to be a continual student of life to the point where they are then able to teach and share with a broader audience. In its lowest form, this energy can be scattered, overwhelmed and too aware of what “everyone else thinks.” Each of these energetic expressions relates to how we use our individual vibration to relate to one another and connect with our environments.

What the Law of Attraction Means

The Law of Attraction states that you bring into your life events, people, things, feelings and experiences that contain the same energy as you do. The “attraction” component is your own energy coming back to you. As you release fear-based energies and consciously bring in greater Love-based energies, you will attract more Love-based events, people, things, feelings and experiences around you. Everything in your life has been attracted to you based on your energetic vibration. You are powerful and what you attract reflects how you are using your power, consciously or unconsciously.

Previously, we looked at the Law of Vibration to understand how that Universal Spiritual Law operates; now it will assist in understanding the Law of Attraction better.

Consider the Law of Vibration as a magnet. It could have many descriptors, so let’s say it is a big blue magnet. It carries the energy of a big blue magnet based on the materials it is composed of in this form, and therefore it is different than a small pink magnet or heavy yellow magnets which are composed of different qualities. Under the Law of Attraction, the big blue magnet will pull in other items possessing the exact same energies, such as other big blue items. It will not attract items with small pink energies or heavy yellow energies; it can only attract items that hold the same energetic vibration as it does. When the magnet changes color or form, it will then attract differently based on those changes.

When we look at the Law of Attraction, we see that everything around us has been pulled in due to a common energetic vibration. When we change our vibration, we change what we attract and move into another level of healing, growth and energetic paradigms.

What the Law of Attraction Looks Like In the Real World

Like all Universal Spiritual Laws, there are numerous examples of the Law of Attraction in the Real World. Let’s look at two areas of life that often bring us the greatest learning and growth: relationships and creativity.

Fulfilling Relationships: The Law of Attraction is in action through our relationships at every stage of our life. Relationships exist with another person because we carry the same energy as they do in some form. The energy could be related to a temporary lesson, soul-level healing, unresolved karma, deep respect, soul-based Love, or a number of other possibilities. A relationship begins because we come together for a specific reason and carry the same energetic vibrations. If you look back in your life at all of the relationships you have formed, each one held a purpose and message(s) for you. At the highest level, each person came into your world to help you be a better version of You.

Most people seek a fulfilling relationship with a partner with expectations that can never be met. The most important relationship you will have in your life is with yourself. As you nurture and honor your individual path and needs, your relationships will reflect those qualities back to you and you will experience more enjoyment in relationships as a result. Every relationship begins with your relationship to your Self.

Creative Expression: Creative expression is one of the most important and personal areas of life because we are making something unique with our Divine energy. It does not matter if the creation is a book, a painting, a song or a business report that required creative innovation; all of these manifestations are a reflection of our unique energy in physical form.

With the Law of Attraction, we bring into our lives people who hold the same beliefs around their creativity as we do. Afraid to put your offerings out into the world? Want to scream-and-shout about how talented you are? Know that you have a special gift and there is room in every bookstore/workshop/creative space for everyone else, too? All of these beliefs (and more) will create the people who support – or don’t support – your creativity.

It begins with you. It starts with what you believe about your gifts and if you are able to share them proudly and with confidence. Don’t rely on another to build you up; build up yourself internally. Invest in your gifts. Give yourself the recognition and acknowledgement you seek. Be the source of your own strength. As you turn all fear-based beliefs and emotions about your creative gifts into Love-based energy, more creativity, abundance and joy will follow.

An Intuitive Message About the Law of Attraction

“The world has fallen in love with the Law of Attraction because it has been glamourized to mean that riches, success and happiness will be bestowed upon you if you “decide” to “practice” this Spiritual Law. The media has done an excellent job of seducing you into “believing” that there is judgment around the energy of attraction. In actuality, the message of this Law had to sound desirable to get your attention.

The truth of the Law of Attraction is that it is always in motion around you regardless of what you “decide” with your Mind-Ego. You are constantly attracting the energy you carry back to you in all forms. It may not be what you want to believe, but it is happening nonetheless. The Universe does not judge you, although that has been a punishing mindset for all of humankind for centuries. The Universe simply gives you the energy you carry as an opportunity to see yourself more fully. If you carry an unconscious belief that money is scarce or you are not worthy of receiving more, you will attract debt to highlight this belief. If you carry a feeling of not being lovable, you will attract relationships that give you the opportunity to love yourself more. All of these experiences are given to you with Love, since Love is the only energy that exists in the Universe for eternity.

There is an important responsibility with this Spiritual Law that many refrain from grasping fully because they fear judgment of some kind.

Astrological Connection

Every astrological sign attracts energy in ways that reflect its values. For the grand discussion on the Law of Attraction, the life-giving forces of Leo and the Sun are a natural connection to understanding this Universal Spiritual Law more fully.

Leo is ruled by the Sun as a shining power of energy that attracts light, life and prosperity. Leo is the astrological sign most commonly associated with creative expression, playfulness and children, royalty, risk-taking, and a sense of one’s true Self. The highest displays of Leo energy is shown through giving one’s talents and personal expression with confidence and joy. The lower forms of Leo involve needing constant approval and admiration, withholding talents, and acting irresponsibly with careless risks.

The Law of Attraction shines regularly in our lives just as the Sun beams its constant energy. Even when clouds, rain and storms pass through, the Sun is still shining its warmth and light. As we grow to understand the continual presence of this Spiritual Law all around us, we recognize that it is always meant to help us grow and shine more brightly. The energy of Leo’s creative expression, confidence and boldness encourages us to continually take a gamble on new ways to attract higher and better opportunities for ourselves. Our Soul grows in wisdom and personal authority as we consciously follow this path to greater light.

What the Law of Abundance Means

The Law of Abundance states that there is plenty and prosperity in all things. The Universe holds abundance in all energy forms and provides unlimited options for anything and everything we could want or need. Abundance is not simply about wealth or financial energy; it is a mindset that everything you need will be provided for you because the Universe exists in abundance.

This Universal Spiritual Law connects directly to the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction. Your energetic vibration determines what you attract, and what you attract comes to you in abundance. Look around your life and observe your patterns and beliefs about love, success, money, creative expression, and personal fulfillment. There will be a common thread between all areas of life that will be evident through the Law of Abundance. If you are trusting in one area of your life, it will show up in all areas. If you are fearful in one area, it will also show up in all areas since it relates to the same root cause. The key determinant is the energetic vibration you hold around self-worth.

What the Law of Abundance Looks Like in the Real World

Like all Universal Spiritual Laws, there are numerous examples of the Law of Abundance in the Real World. Let’s look at two areas of life where it is the most obvious: nature and finances.

Nature: Any natural element exists in plenty: hundreds of leaves on a tree, thousands of grains of sand on a beach, millions of stars in the sky. Every part of nature has abundance and experiences abundance through each season. Every leaf falls to the ground in fall. All the grass grows in the spring. Every flower contains multiple petals, buds and seeds for continual growth and prosperity. There are millions of gallons of water in the ocean continually flowing around the globe. Nature demonstrates effortlessly the flow of abundance across many forms and examples of transition. Even when the seasons change, there is still enough to keep surviving and make it through to the next harvest.

Financial Status: Perhaps the most noticeable areas of life where we look to this Law for examples are money and financial assets. As previously stated, there is a continuum of experiences around abundance from deep poverty to great wealth.

Poverty Consciousness shows up in financial stress, worrying that there won’t be enough to pay the monthly bills and the mindset that money must be earned through hard work and effort. Compare this to Prosperity Consciousness which believes that there is plenty of ways for needs to be fulfilled, multiple opportunities for financial energy to exist in life and the knowingness that money can be given and received freely and easily. Arriving at this mindset requires undoing unconscious programming that may have existed for numerous generations within a family, a culture, or within deep layers of Self. There is never a lack of abundance. However, one can experience an abundance of lack.

It is worthwhile to note that being wealthy does not necessarily mean that one has Prosperity Consciousness. As a tool, money can be used for power, fear, personal growth, soul lesson agreements, family legacy issues and numerous other reasons. Money alone is not the hallmark of the Law of Abundance. Rather, the issue of self-worth is still a vital factor in financial experiences and how one believes they are being taken care of in the Universe. Consider lottery winners who win, and then lose, millions. Look at families that have a long legacy of wealth yet still fear “losing it all.” Consider individuals who only have money in their lives and no healthy relationships, family support, or personal fulfillment. Each of these examples relates back to self-worth and a person’s connection to the spiritual purpose and supply of abundance.

Intuitive Message About the Law of Abundance

“It is an excellent time to begin releasing more deeply the programming that has controlled humanity for centuries. The belief that you must work hard for anything has been valuable in some respects and is part of a grander story around human evolution. But as it relates to the Law of Abundance, there has never been lack around you. There have simply been those who have controlled the abundance.

There have always been thousands of leaves on the trees, hundreds of trees in the forest and millions of acres of forest on the planet. The existence of abundance in all things is not new. Instead, it is your expanding consciousness that has opened you up to the ways you have been controlled by money, specifically, and how you have connected it to power. This power, used to create fear, has then determined whether you believe yourself to be worthy of receiving. It has also determined your definition of power and how to exist as powerful individuals standing side-by-side with each other. The truth is that you have always been powerful. Now you are ready to truly live as Divine creators of abundance in your life. There is no other natural way for you to exist.

To be clear, money is not the issue around abundance.”

Astrological Connection

Every astrological sign attracts energy in ways that reflect its values. The Law of Abundance is most easily connected with the energy of Sagittarius and its optimistic planetary ruler, Jupiter.

The Sagittarian spirit seeks the biggest of anything in ideas, wisdom, learning, travel, beliefs, and sharing oneself on a grand scale. The energy of this astrological sign is most apparent in the gusto and confidence of living life to the fullest and finding big joy along the way. With Jupiter as its ruling planet, the positivity of Sagittarius carries a person through life’s ups and downs, and for this astrological sign that prefers experiences to be “big”, the roller coaster ride can have significant highs and lows. But a true Sagittarian has the inner faith that their needs will always be met and this belief carries them through the rough patches and back out into the sunshine.

Sagittarius relates to the Law of Abundance effortlessly since it carries the willingness to trust, “go big” and tune into the inner knowledge that everything will turn out fine. Well-developed Sagittarians exude trust, wisdom and a strong connection to the Divine as the source of their needs. Lesser-developed individuals will turn to distrust and righteousness to find their path with underlying beliefs around fear.

What the Law of Compensation Means

The Law of Compensation revolves around the concept of giving and receiving of like energy. This Universal Spiritual Law is in your life as a direct reflection of the amount of energy you put into action. What you receive is of the equal value to the energy you initiated. There is always a continual balance of energy in motion, so when you give a lot of energy and put it out into the world, you will receive an equal form of that energy in some manner in return. Compensation can be through a multitude of energetic forms: money, attention, opportunities, awards, criticism, judgment, fear, trust, love and so on.

The “secret” with this Law is that energy begins with you. You are powerfully creating, giving and sharing all the time with your words, thoughts, actions and feelings. It is crucial to understand that the Law of Compensation will highlight your expectations and true intentions. Expectations are a form of fear because they assign an outcome to something without a high level of trust. If you give and create with faith, joy, trust and heart, you will receive those qualities back. If you give and create with dread, resentment, fear and anger, you will receive that same energy in return. If you are not receiving what you want at all, it is because you are not giving enough of it.

What the Law of Compensation Looks Like In the Real World

Like all Universal Spiritual Laws, there are numerous examples of the Law of Compensation in the Real World. Two areas where it is highly noticeable are in the forms of bartering and recognition.

Bartering: The most common form of literal compensation in the modern world is through performing a skill and receiving a paycheck. We contribute the energy of our talents, gifts and abilities to receive financial energy in return. The monetary system was created to balance the energy of people providing skills in order to meet living needs. A bartering system that does not involve money opens up the possibilities for receiving in different forms. Most people believe they need money to survive, yet what they are truly looking for is what the money can buy in other forms of energy. For example, a weekly paycheck is received and the worker uses it to buy a weekly supply of food. Money is a form of compensation being used to buy another form of compensation (food). In a society without money, one hour of work could equal 1 basket of fruit and the same compensation would be met. Money and bartering are the Law of Compensation in action to reward and balance energy in motion.

[Please note: This is not an argument for or against the use of money; it is simply an example of how money is used as one way to balance the giving and receiving of energy.]

Appreciation and Resentment: The Law of Compensation can show up in numerous forms, including emotional reactions. Our immediate unconscious emotional reactions reflect our expectations, attachments and intentions. When we give something, we have driving motivations that reveal our needs, such as verbal appreciation for a job well done or a simple thank you. There is no judgment around needing appreciation. It is simply worthwhile to point out that every “thank you” is the Law of Compensation in action because it is a form of receiving back after energy was given.

Notably, when the expectation of appreciation is not met it can turn into resentment. This reveals the underlying intention had a need that was not fulfilled. Resentment that is not released creates the experience of receiving more unmet expectations. Each time a resentment forms is an opportunity to acknowledge and release unconscious expectations, or else the Law of Compensation will bring back to you more forms of the energy you are exuding so you can learn to release it as many times as you choose.

Intuitive Message About the Law of Compensation

“The Law of Compensation has evolved into an understanding of financial matters because you have been trained to expect money for your gifts. Yet the possibility of what you can receive in energetic form is actually way beyond the world of money. You can have the life of your dreams without receiving a single dime. Money is not the conduit of compensation, it is just one avenue.

This Law is quite simple because it revolves around giving. Give big and you will receive big. Give small and you will receive small. Nothing can be brought to you that you haven’t already initiated in energetic form because you are powerful in determining your reality. The Universe will only confirm what you believe, and the Universe honors all forms of belief. You decide what you receive. And the best way to do that is without expectation or attachments because these are limitations on energy.

Astrological Connection

Every astrological sign attracts energy in ways that reflect its values. The Law of Compensation is easily connected with the value-based energy of Taurus and its ruling planet, Venus.

The grounded, practical energy of Taurus is known for being an astrological sign that appreciates the simple things all around us: nature, food, music, art and the beautiful ways we can create a secure life. A highly developed Taurean will appreciate the value of what they own without forming an exaggerated attachment to any one thing. They know that their true self-worth and identity is not connected to price tags, but rather to their innate timeless Soul. Building a firm foundation within is just as important as building a solid home base and lifestyle. On the other side of the spectrum, the lower energies of Taurus result in fearing change, valuing “things” more than people and relationships, and becoming absorbed in possessions as a form of self-identity. A fear-based Taurean will feel ungrounded within and can potentially use that energy to be a “bull in a china shop,” recklessly looking for a true foundation.

The Law of Compensation relates to Taurus through the common energies of value, self-worth and attachments. As a Taurean native grows in wisdom and maturity, their level of self-worth is reinforced internally without attachments to high-value possessions. A self-identity is cemented based on trust, peacefulness and the ability to allow for greater energies to guide the way. The Law of Compensation promises rewards for generosity, giving and trust, and these are each qualities a well-developed Taurus can easily create when an inner foundation of self-value is secure and strong.

What the Law of Cause and Effect Means

The Law of Cause and Effect states that every action you initiate and put forth creates an equal energetic effect in the world. Every Universal Spiritual Law involves the use of energy, and this Law revolves around the premise that all energy creates another energetic effect in some form. The effect can multiply and be greater than the initial cause because energy is continually in motion and does not stop, evaluate, measure or judge. It flows. When you create, give, and share with high intentions, you will notice that energy returns to you as an effect that has multiplied. The same is true if you put forth lesser forms of energy. The Universe simply returns what you have initiated.

The energy you share, whether consciously or unconsciously, has effects that go beyond obvious connections. For example, if you believe it is important to donate to charity and “pay it forward” yet never write a donation check or put money in a jar, the effect could come back to you as a limit of receiving financial flow. On the other hand, if you do write donation checks and contribute to collection jars, you will receive the effect of greater prosperity come back to you in numerous and unexpected ways such as increases in cash flow, tax write-offs, unexpected gifts, rewards and blessings.

What the Law of Cause and Effect Looks Like in the Real World

Look around and you’ll see the Law of Cause and Effect in any situation since we are constantly exerting energy in some manner. Here are two actions to consider with this Universal Spiritual Law: sending emails and personal discipline.

Sending Emails: Writing emails has become a standard form of communication in our technological age. Email is an excellent example of this Universal Spiritual Law because an email does not have an “end” point. It can be forwarded, replied to, and deleted, yet it never truly disappears even after it’s been sent to the trash folder. Emails have the capacity to create ongoing effects quite easily. Consider when you write an uplifting email to someone that really strikes a chord with them and they feel inspired to pass it on to their friends. Then those people pass it on to their friends, and before long, a simple email can be circling the globe with positive, glowing energy. The effect of your words has multiplied and created something grander than a simple email can contain. Now look at the effect of writing an insulting or mean-spirited email, and how the exact same thing can happen but with completely opposite energetic effects.

Personal Discipline and Habits: The Law of Cause and Effect shines in our lives as personal discipline and the habits we regularly implement to accomplish goals. A dancer must practice regularly in order for their body to have the ability to perform and improve gradually. An office manager must keep tabs on all activities within the professional environment to maintain budgets, hours, employee responsibilities and regulations that keep an office running smoothly. A trash collector must come around regularly to stay on top of the debris and not allow an overwhelming amount of bags to stack up on the curb. All of these regulated activities create an intended effect, and the effect is accomplished through regular discipline. Consider what regular habits you use and implement in your own life and what their effects are, whether conscious or not. Also notice where greater discipline may bring you different effects that you’d like to experience.

Intuitive Message about the Law of Cause and Effect

“As powerful beings in a world of free will, you are able to truly create anything with your actions. Action is not simply the use of physical effort. It is the energy of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and intentions. The ability to do so much is why the world can appear chaotic at times because you are witnessing the consequences of unlimited effects from unlimited causes.

The highest purpose of energy is to connect you with your true Soul self and re-mind you of all you are capable of creating in any form. Yet this awareness often begins by noticing that you are creating what you do not want to experience. Many individuals have chosen on a Soul level to bring forth lesser energies so they have the potential to convert them into higher forms. This is the best use of free will in action and allows for incredible growth.”

Astrological Connection

The Law of Cause and Effect is easily associated with Capricorn and the energy of Saturn due to the mutual focus on responsibility, karma and personal authority.

The energy of Capricorn is known for being an authority figure, a father, a responsible individual focused on achieving goals and developing inner resilience. Symbolized by the goat, a Capricorn will diligently work towards a lofty goal by putting their head down and getting the job done. This astrological sign in its highest form is connected to integrity and discipline while moving through life, and keeping their eyes on practical ways to demonstrate their knowledge in the world. Capricorn is commonly connected to the business world and professional communities, and strives for excellence in all endeavors.

Being ruled by Saturn makes this astrological sign strongly associated with karmic work, personal ambitions and self-reliance. Each of these traits relates to the Law of Cause and Effect by virtue of how we use the energies consciously or unconsciously to create, build and manage our lives. A highly evolved Capricorn will manage their life with the solid understanding of how their ambitions create the intended effects they are striving for. Incorporating intentions of integrity, habit and discipline assist in honestly uncovering unconscious fears and limiting belief systems that hold one back from achieving their highest possible life dreams.

{Although your astrological sun sign may not be Capricorn, every person carries the energy of every sign within themselves. Look to your birth chart to discover where Capricorn energy is centrally located in your life. Free birth charts are available at Birth Chart Calculator}

What the Law of Action Means

The Law of Action states that we must initiate movement in some manner to create the life and outcomes we want. The Universe waits for us to act. Energy is in continual motion and we direct it in multiple ways with feelings, thoughts, beliefs and movement. Free will combined with intentional action shows energy where to go, and then the Universe knows how to support our wishes, dreams and desires by co-creating the outcome we seek.

The Law of Action can be used in its highest form by simply becoming clear on an intention and taking a few steps forward in that area. If you want a new job, you must prepare and write your resume, apply for positions, and get the ball rolling by creating energy in that direction of your life. The basic actions tell the energy where to go in order to create a variety of possibilities and outcomes.”

Intuitive Message about the Law of Action

“The Law of Action is designed for your human will to meet Divine will in the most powerful way. As Divine creators of your life, you have the ability to put anything into motion by directing energy towards an end result. It can be something you regard as small or big, minor or monumental. The Universe does not judge what you want or your ability to create it. You must simply be willing to take the action that directs the energy to move.

What do you want to create in your life today? This week? Next year? Even the intention of wanting something is a starting point for the energy to flow. Everything you have in your life is around you because you initiated the action to make it come about. In hindsight it is easy to see everything you are capable of doing, accomplishing and creating. There is no limit to the potential of action and all that can transpire when your will is focused, disciplined and coming from your highest desire.”

Astrological Connection

All astrological signs carry their own methods of exerting energy, yet the domain of movement is typically associated with Aries and its rulings planet Mars,

Aries energy at its highest form is about personal and spiritual advancement through direct action. It is commonly associated with warrior energy because its guiding desire is to experience personal advancement, overcome challenges, and be courageous in the world. However, the lesser forms of Aries can lead to self-involvement, overdeveloped competitiveness, inner and outer frustrations, and not seeing a task through to completion. The most enlightened use of Aries energy is the intention to grow to one’s highest levels of personal development and to lead with the heart to one’s dreams.

Aries wants to “light the flame” and initiate new energy with gusto. The Law of Action reflects this willingness for change, advancement and being a pioneer in undeveloped territory as the Soul continually evolves.

What the Law of Polarity Means

The Law of Polarity states that energy exists on a continuum between fear and Love. Earth is composed of all energies because this is a place of free will where everything is possible. As a result, you see energy expressed in all forms as each Soul chooses to learn lessons, grow, heal and become fuller expressions of themselves. The Law of Polarity provides an understanding that you are free to choose fear or Love in any situation, at any time. As you choose Love more often and regularly, your vibration will grow to a higher expression.

Everything around us has an opposite reaction and expression. If you were to have a conversation with a complete stranger, they could have very different opinions than you on every possible topic. The Law of Polarity provides perspective, balance and opposition in all things with no judgment.

An Intuitive Message About the Law of Polarity

“The Law of Polarity represents the “game” of free will on Earth. As your consciousness expands and your awareness about your power increases you will notice how everything in your life is being created by your free will. Nothing can be in your life unless you have created it on some level. At its highest power, the Law of Polarity will provide an understanding of all the multiple ways humans can choose to exist. What are you choosing for yourself?

For eons of time, you have been told that something is good, bad, right, wrong, peaceful or evil. All of these descriptions could be accurate, or they could be merely perpetuating judgment. You must decide for yourself what is true. Everything at its core is a lesson and it has been decided that lessons in free will include everything on the continuum between deep fear and Divine Love. Your power lies in your ability to discern what is yours, and what is not yours, to carry.”

Astrological Connection

The Law of Polarity is associated with the balance of Libra and its ruling planet, Venus.

Libra is commonly known as the astrological sign of relationships, partnerships, justice and equilibrium because its natural tendency is to be fair, loving and peace-seeking. At its highest expression, Libra will strive to find common goals and objectives that deliver mutually advantageous results. It is an energy that wants everyone to be content and acknowledged. Yet the lesser expressions of Libra involves going to extremes before finding the balance point and giving too much of one’s self in order to keep the peace. Libran energy can also be very indecisive and will “tune out” if feeling overwhelmed.

This astrological sign connects to the Law of Polarity based on its ability to seek Love, but will often experience the extremes of fear before arriving there. The goal is to find a safe place in the middle where peace can be maintained and joy can be effortlessly created. The ability to mentally cope with anything is a strong Libran trait that contributes to understanding how everything is a lesson for growth and healing. With the Law of Polarity, Libra nestles into its favorite domain: seeking Love that benefits as many as possible.

What the Law of Relativity Means

The Law of Relativity provides perspective on every person’s journey and path of growth. It states that everyone experiences circumstances, feelings, thoughts and relationships relative to where they are on their soul’s growth. Each of us is on a singular life path with lessons and themes that overlap, but we are not the same in how we move through those lessons and their purpose in our lives. This Universal Spiritual Law is truly about acceptance of ourselves as individuals within the collective.

Every soul has lessons it agreed to experience and master in the highest possible ways. Your energetic vibration will determine the intensity, reaction and ability to move through each lesson in the best possible way. There is no comparison about who is faster, quicker or more skilled in learning their lessons. You create your life relative to your place in it, your perceptions, your experiences, and your emotional nature. You draw to you everything that reflects who you are and your energetic vibration at the time.

For example, some individuals may have agreed to stand up for themselves at one crucial point in their life. It could be a very hard, trying and difficult task for them, something they have been striving their whole life to do. Then the day comes when they say their truth and express everything they need to release in that moment. After that, they have greater inner peace and know that their life purpose has been fulfilled. Their primary soul agreement was to move through this lesson.

Now look at souls who chose to be politicians. Every day they must stand up for themselves, say their truth and convince others of their reasoning, so this task is much easier and natural to them. It is not a lesson in the same way that it is for another. Perhaps they agreed to be an example of this skill to others. Perhaps it is something they mastered early in order to move on more quickly to other lessons they agreed to tackle. Perhaps their life lessons revolve around issues in the family sphere and less in the public domain. There are unlimited combinations and options for life lessons and they are relative to where each person is on their journey and what they agreed to learn.

Intuitive Message About the Law of Relativity

“You have been conditioned to believe that “sameness” is how to evaluate where you measure up in society in terms of success, happiness, joy and love. The idea of sameness was created as a form of motivation to uplift and encourage everyone to be the best they can be. At its highest position, this is a noble and just objective. However the limitations of sameness have steered many away from the true calling of their heart and soul. Your life’s purpose is not identical to any other souls on the planet, although there are numerous common themes, lessons and gifts you share along the way.

Your soul has agreed to learn many things to help you achieve the highest possible level of mastery. Do not look to another to validate these achievements, and do not look to another to be the source of them. It is all within you as acceptance of yourself. From this self-acceptance you will accept others exactly where they are as well.

The key to understanding the Law of Relativity lies in compassion and peace within yourself. As you look back on your life, you will notice that at every instance you were doing the best you could with the knowledge you had. Everything you experienced was relative to how you saw the world and yourself in it at that time. Your reactions, whether emotional, intellectual or both, all reflect who you were at that point. There is no comparison to another and there is no comparison to another version of yourself. You were simply being your highest self at that time, and then you learned to be more. It is all relative to where you are on your journey. Your free will determines where your energy goes and how you choose to learn in the ways that are fitting for you.

Astrological Connection

The Law of Relativity is associated with the changing tides of Cancer and its ruling planet, the Moon.

As the Moon rises and sets in a cyclical fashion, it is a source of energy that ebbs and flows continuously and affects the earth’s biggest resource, the oceans. The astrological sign Cancer rules the Moon as a reflection of changing moods, a nurturing mother, the inner child, and the emotional foundation of an individual’s life. Cancer is commonly known to be empathetic, loving and willing to express emotions in all their glory and extremes. It is comfortable going to the depths of one’s emotional core.

At its highest expression, Cancer will pour its heart and energy into taking care of others, being a supreme mother figure, initiating emotional changes and ruling the inner domains of home. At a lower vibration, Cancer can be defensive, vulnerable, overly emotional and out of touch with practical matters. This sign can be more comfortable with the private matters of life more so than public appearances.

What the Law of Rhythm Means

The Law of Rhythm states that everything in the Universe moves continually in patterns and cycles. These rhythms match energetic vibrations and show us where healing, growth and expansion are possible. The Law of Rhythm reminds us that all energy is continually in motion and we are always given an opportunity to start fresh with a new cycle.

The most obvious way to witness the Law of Rhythm is through the four seasons. Each season builds on and supports the season before it, and the season after it. The rhythm of all four seasons creates a complete cycle of growth, expansion, release and re-birth annually. On a daily basis, the sun always rises in the east and sets in the west just as the moon appears over the horizon to welcome each evening. This occurs regularly all over the world and is the promise of a new beginning with every cycle. The Law of Rhythm is a reliable circulation of energy to guide our lives because there is no absolute completion of anything. Energy is always moving into higher forms and cycles.

On a personal level, your life has a rhythm of its own based on your feelings, thoughts, beliefs and habits. The way you move through the world is your personal rhythm and will reveal to you your potentials for growth, healing and new levels of power. Some of the easiest patterns to spot revolve around health, sickness, exercise and body image. Is there a time of the year you typically feel great about yourself, and a time of the year when your inner demons seem to take over? Is there a time of the day when you feel energized the most and a time when you feel yourself slowing down? These are your body’s rhythms communicating its need to you. Eating, sleeping, rest and creativity all occur in natural cycles that are personal to your Soul’s growth and learning path.

What the Law of Rhythm Looks Like in the Real World

Sleeping: The rhythm of your body is ongoing and natural. It may change as you move through different time zones and locations, but your personal rhythm will be evident through daily habits. For example, many people are consistent in their sleep patterns because it works in rhythm with their energy needs, such as being a night owl who is awake until 1 a.m., or an early bird who rises daily at 4 a.m. Needing four hours of sleep may be normal for one person’s life rhythm while another requires eight to nine hours every night. Sleep habits are typically consistent for most people during their whole lives unless they consciously change how they use their energy. New sleep rhythms are being established for some as napping during the day is accepted as a new norm. Some spiritual leaders have described how human beings are moving to a new sleep cycle where they rest three times a day, around every seven to eight hours, as a way to adapt to the changing biology of human energy.

Relationships: The Law of Rhythm is an excellent eye-opener for relationship patterns you are unconsciously creating. These patterns will show you where you are repeating lessons and where you can consciously choose to make new choices for growth. Fears typically show up along the same timeline, such as commitment issues after one year, unless the underlying belief system is examined and elevated to a higher level. Unconscious patterns reveal fears and areas of Soul growth. Examining relationships with other people highlights your relationship with Self since this is always the starting point for personal change and expansion. As you accept yourself more, you accept others more. As you validate your own feelings, you can validate others’ feelings. With this Universal Spiritual Law there is always an opportunity to start fresh and look at a situation with new eyes. Consciously changing your relationship habits to a new rhythm will move you to a new personal energetic vibration to experience a new level of relationships.

An Intuitive Message About the Law of Rhythm

“The world began with the emergence of cycles that would support both free will and limitations. The ability to choose your actions and to overcome boundaries is a common role that every human experiences in their life. As a result, patterns and habits are formed to either meet or avoid these situations as part of your Soul’s lessons. The Law of Rhythm will show you how you are faring with each area of growth you agreed to learn in this lifetime.

One of the easiest ways to see your personal life rhythm is by looking at the events of your life on a timeline. Notice if there is pattern around relationships forming, jobs changing, new habits beginning, a regular time for endings, and so on. This takes concentrated effort and a willingness to objectively look at yourself without judgment or expectation. Some use the cycles of planets (astrology) to pinpoint areas of focus and which patterns one agreed to master in this lifetime. There are numerous other tools available (numerology, tarot, etc.) and you should follow whichever ones speak to you.

Every Universal Spiritual Law is designed to support the others, so the Law of Rhythm will support your experience of energy, vibration, attraction, action, and so on. You use this Law as you use all of the other Laws, which is to grow, heal and learn more fully what you are here to experience for your Soul’s growth. Within every rhythm there is the potential to expand your energetic vibration and experience new levels of growth at new levels. You chose the rhythm of your life with intention. For some it is simply a starting point and for others it is a part of life to be maintained for decades. There are countless reasons for all forms of rhythm and none are better than others; they simply serve various purposes.

What the Law of Detachment Means

The Law of Detachment states that each person is a sovereign individual on a singular journey designed by their Soul to fulfill certain life goals, complete karma, heal fear-based patterns, and grow into their mastery to their fullest ability. This Universal Spiritual Law reminds us that we are all powerful in our Divine way and have a unique path to follow that no one else can or will duplicate. The key to the Law of Detachment is releasing expectations, attachments, resentment and emotional connections to others with the intention of allowing everyone to grow, heal and learn as they need to, in their own way, and on their own timeline.

Every tree has roots, branches and leaves, and is able to grow and stand on its own as an independent entity. Yet it is eternally connected to nature and a part of Earth’s diverse forest. It is detached and united to the whole simultaneously.

Acceptance and allowing are the key concepts with this Law: allowing and accepting each person to make their own decisions, have their own beliefs, and take responsibility for everything they have created in their life. When we detach with Love, we embrace our own gifts, talents, energy and special journey more fully. We allow ourselves to experience our fullest potential. We recognize the power we have within is everything we need to make the best decisions for our lives and it is not dependent upon others’ reactions, emotional needs, thought process, beliefs or lessons. It is ours to own.

Intuitive Message About the Law of Detachment

“At the beginning of the human journey, separation had to occur so you could experience the limitations and boundaries of life in a world of free will. The need to be separate from Source, from Home, was a heavy burden to carry as you experienced more density than you ever could know as a Soul. This was part of the design and intention of being a human; simply having a body is an example of separation from all that you had known before.

As you grow in consciousness, you see this game from a fuller perspective with a knowingness that the grandest illusion is separation. There is truly no separation at all because you are Divine beings energetically connected at all times. Yet separation is a vital component to understanding yourself in human form. The Soul is boundless, eternal and encompasses everything; your human-ness has a Divine purpose to grow back to that place of higher consciousness in physical form.

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