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3 Things That Every Gemini Woman Wants

The fellow Gemini woman is a cute little person who has a mind of two people. In addition, this kind of person has a desire to be with friends all day every day.

These Gemini women are known to be simple minded and quick to the point. They basically have a quick mind and one that changes pretty often.

To make it more understandable, the fellow Gemini woman is made up of two personalities, since she is governed by the Twins. This creates for a bit contradictory person but one who is interesting and fun! To learn more about the three things that the female Gemini wants in her life, follow below!

1) The Gemini woman will want her life to be unique and fun!

Fun is the most important thing actually. She needs to be opened to life and enjoy every day to the fullest. Gemini women are very into fashion, so they might be going shopping pretty often as well. They just need that whole fashion aura to feel secure in themselves.

The fashion is about representing yourself in general, so these people will ultimately like light and bright colors to really make them stand out in the public eye.

2) The second thing that the fellow Gemini lady would want in her life would be to remain independent and free.

This Gemini lady is a free spirit who wants to be unleashed to the world. She wants to experience everything firsthand so that she feels the thrill of learning as she goes along.

In addition, she also has a way of learning something that other people would just not understand. This is why she might dream of doing something with her life to truly help people around her. She might want to study to become a doctor or become a matchmaker.

Whatever career choice she chooses, she will do it perfectly from her heart. Even if she chooses to be a stay at home mom, her kids would love her fully because she is able to open up her heart and let everyone in!

3) The third thing that every Gemini woman wants is her own space.

She needs her outlet where she can clearly and openly express herself. This can easily consist of a paint room or isle where her expression is done on a daily or weekly basis. These Gemini people are known to be emotionally unavailable often times. They just want to breathe and think for their own selves. They are desperately wanting to live by their own terms and have fun within everything.

They want to live and party too. They need a sense of fun and lots of adventures in order to fully be happy and at peace within themselves and the world around them as well. At the end of the day, these Gemini women will come home and feel happy and silly.

The Gemini women are innocent and naive like little children, so their fun never stops. It only becomes more extreme as they get older. So watch out, these Gemini women will be living in a life that is always fun in their eyes!

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