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3 Things That Every Leo Woman Wants

The Leo female type is one who knows what she wants. Being a fire sign that represents power, authority, and single mindedness, she has little to no patience when it comes to listening for other’s opinions.

The Leo woman has her goals and her motives and regards nobody on her life path. She is truly a free spirit, and one that likes to go with the flow at her own pace. This makes her feel as though she is in charge of her life and therefore, she has the ability to guide herself in every which way she sees fit. To learn more about the three things that ever female Leo wants in her life, follow below!

1) The first thing that every Leo female wants would be an overall sense of career authority over anything that she is involved in.

You see, the Leo woman is known to be highly organized and practical in the business world. What she really wants from that would be to have her own business so that she can control what happens to make it most efficient at the end of the day.

Also, this is the type of woman to be on her own game. She sets rules, goals, and everything in between according to her high standards. She is known to take care of things to her level of degree, which makes her powerful, strong, and independent! Then once she is on her own two feet she can carry on in her efforts to change the world one day at a time.

2) The second thing that every Leo woman wants in her life would be some level of power.

Because this is a lively and robust fire sign, she is capable of being in control of her life. She ultimately needs to do something active and fun in her life, like possibly hosting a party. This might be her desire to utilize her organizational skills and use hosting to make a positive difference.

The Leo woman can plan vents that encourage people to gather for a bigger purpose, to raise money or to learn about a culture. In other words, the typical Leo woman simply needs to remain on top of things in order to feel secure in her own skin.

3) The third and last but not least thing that every Leo woman wants in her life is some amount of respect as well as honor for her as a whole.

This Leo woman is after all represented by the Lion or lioness in her situation. So, like a lion that is powerful and angry when he doesn’t get what he wants, he will be very upset with a temper.

In this example, the fellow Leo woman will exemplify this Lion’s character when she does not get it her own way. To calm down this overreaction it would be wise for her to take some down tie to really reflect on her own personality so she can focus on what works for her.

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