Astrology and Horoscopes

30 Tips For The Professional Astrologer

1. Charge a fair fee for your services- for yourself & your clients
2. If consulting by phone you should receive payment prior to reading
3. If consulting 1 on 1 receive payment at the end of your sessions
4. I do not recommend consulting clients 1 on 1 out of your home
5. Never give your clients your home address!
6. You’ll need a vendor’s license, a business name, & a website
7. You will also need a separate business checking account
8. If you can afford it accept credit cards -PayPal.Com
9. Have a professional sounding answering service for your buisness
10. Keep all of your client’s records in your filing cabinet or on a pc

11. Keep in touch with your clients every 2-3 months use discretion
12. If a client becomes too dependant be diplomatic yet firm, & very busy
13. Do not use incense some clients dislike it & or are allergic to the oils
14. Candles are good but not too dark, use natural or accent lighting too
15. See to it that your client is comfortable & offer them a beverage
16. Turn your ringer off & let your machine pick up during your readings
17. Make sure the volume is turned down on the answering machine!
18. Always dress nice for your consultations- presentation is everything
19. Do not interrupt your client! Let them speak they are paying you.
20. Try to guide your client down the most productive path at all times

21. Be honest with clients about the people that are in their lives
22. If you ask the right questions you can give the right answers
23. Use your client’s Astrological Sun & Moon sign as a consulting tool
24. Inisist your clients be 18 years old or have parental consent
25. Use your resources- therapy groups, 800 #’s, articles, web sites, etc.
26. Continue your education- new doors will open for you & your clients
27. Despite what a reading may say always use common sense
28. Review your client’s files before each consultation- helpful & refreshing
29. Offer your client’s a personal discount for referrals
30. Always give your client more than they are expecting!

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