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7 Problems Only a Leo Would Understand

7 Problems Only a Leo Would Understand

Meow! No matter your gender, your drama queen reputation precedes you. But people have you all wrong, darling diva. Here are seven problems only your fellow Leos can truly understand.

The world is your catwalk, and sometimes you simply must sashay down the aisle of the supermarket in stilettos. Not every day, just on the days that you need a healthy drama fix. Got milk? Yes, kitty, you most certainly do.

If you cant channel your many theatrical talents into a creative project, all hell can break loose on the family/friends/lovers matrix. That argument you started with your boyfriend was not your fault — you just needed an outlet for your thespian tendencies.

3 Attention is your drug of choice, but not because youre vain. You simply need your ego stroked on the regular. However, you dont want to have to purr for it. (This only works when people pet you of their own volition — just because youre so adorable.)

4 You have a high-maintenance rep, Leo. Sure, you often insist on the full pampering suite — mani/pedi/facial/massage. And you sometimes make your friends wait until you get every hair in place (your mane is your best asset). But your secret is that youll pay your loved ones back with your limitless generosity, 10-times over.

5 Being the sexiest thing alive is a hard job, and although youre not ashamed to flaunt it, sometimes you wonder if youre living up to your own hype. (You probably are, so stop worrying.)

6 You need the Sun like other people need oxygen. Its not just your ruling planet, its your lover, your food, your parents and your children all wrapped up in one gorgeous, glowing orb. No guilt for getting your Vitamin-D fix — at least 10 minutes a day. (But please wear sunscreen while you curl up in a sunbeam like the languid feline you are.)

7 Losing your vampy red lipstick is much worse than losing your phone … much worse!

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