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7 Things Only Librans Will Understand

7 Things Only Librans Will Understand

Heres a look at Libra!

Got beauty? Being perfectly balanced and coiffed is as essential to you as oxygen. You just don’t feel right leaving the house unless you’re put together.

2 Conflict is your kryptonite. If an argument erupts within a five-foot radius of you, you actually feel a little bit nauseous and dizzy.

3 Without a relationship you sometimes feel less than human. The phrase “My other half” was definitely coined by a Libra.

4 Making decisions can be worse than pulling teeth. Seriously. You’d rather get a root canal than have to choose between two options that both have merit.

5 You can get pretty depressed without at least one social event per week; cocktail parties are your crack.

6 Bad manners and poor social skills embarrass you. You secretly squirm when your companions are less than socially adept (but you’d never tell them, because you despise conflict.)

7 Art and intellectual banter are chicken soup for your soul. No matter how bummed out you are, if someone engages you in a conversation about culture, you come instantly alive again.

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