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A Glimpse Of Neptune

A Glimpse Of Neptune

A Glimpse Of Neptune

The qualities of Neptune

The planet Neptune which was discovered in 1846 by German astronomer Johann Galle has many faces. In this article I shall uncover a small part of what this gigantic blue-green planet has to offer.

Neptune is associated with dreams, spirituality, fantasy, intuition. Neptune enables us to be in touch with our feelings. The energy of this planet forms the entrance way to our emotions. At the same time however, Neptune can offer an escape route, away from all too intense emotions.

Artists are inspired by Neptune to express their highest aspirations by means of their creations.

Neptune can give our world a touch of fairytale beauty.

When you are in love, Neptune most probably is activated in your life. You feel like you are in heaven. But the crush you have on someone can bring chaos to your world. You are not as alert to details as usual and you might have difficulty to focuss on the task you have to accomplish. Your whole life has lost its normalcy, but it has gained a touch of magic.

neptuneThe sea, rain and mist belong to the domain of the planet Neptune. Also liquid and ethereal substances such as tears (!), oil and gas are Neptunes domain.

Because of the evasive, non solid qualities of Neptune this planet is also associated with deceit, loss of security in life, but also with snipers, invisible enemies.

The boundlessness of Neptune can invite addictions, but on the other hand it can also hold the promise of realizing our wildest dreams.

An unquavering trust in the power of Neptune will make you realize that you will never have to experience any shortages in your life.

A prominent Neptune

When do you have a prominent Neptune in your birth chart? This can be the case when Neptune is situated:

  • very near one of the angles of your birth chart, i.e. near your Ascendant, Medium Coeli (MC), Descendant or Immum Coeli (IC);
  • or when you have your Sun or Moon in Pisces. Pisces is the sign that belongs to Neptune;
  • or when Neptune is located in your 12th House. This is the House that is ruled by the sign of Pisces. The planet Neptune naturally feels very much at home in this House.
  • it can also be that Neptune is part of a significant planet pattern in your birth chart or that Neptune is conjunct either your Sun or your Moon for instance.

When you are born with the planet Neptune prominent in your birth chart then you have a natural, effortless communication with the realm of the invisible. You can trust your intuition and you would do well to listen to your inner voice as often as possible.

Other people might find you dreamy, way out there. You love to retreat into your own world where everything is beautiful and peaceful. In your own wondrous world there probably is lots of room for the stuff fairytales are made of.

A good relationship with Neptune

When your relationship with Neptune is built on a sound and loving foundation then you can easily come into contact with Guides and other Spiritual Helpers. This contact will teach you unconditional love, a very valuable gift to yourself. It is the remembrance of ‘home’, the sphere you lived in before you incarnated on Earth, that is being awakened.

The easiest way to come into contact with Guides and Angels is through meditation. Find the area of silence within yourself, open your heart, completely surrender yourself, and experience the magical gift that is yours! Allow yourself to be guided by the love in your heart, follow your fantasies (which are real by the way) and trust your intuition.

We all have Neptune somewhere in our birth charts. Therefore, even when you do not have your Neptune in a prominent position in your birth chart, you can of course come into contact with your Higher Self and via your Higher Self with cosmic wisdom and loving energy. With a non-prominent Neptune you probably have to make just that little bit of extra effort to communicate with Neptune and open the channel to get into contact with ‘home’.

Sadly, highly Neptunian people are not easily accepted in our society where materialism and so called realism are over-valued.

The ultimate Neptunian joke is of course that our earthly world is the illusion and that the realm which we on Earth often call fantasy is in fact the reality of our existence! If you want to find out more about this concept, please visit the website of Steve en Barbara Rother ( You could also take the plunge and start A Course in Miracles (

Neptune in The First House, i.e. the Ascendant

People who have Neptune in the First House or the sign of Pisces on their Ascendant, most probably struggle with identity problems.

Because of their enormous sensibility they easily internalize the wishes and emotions of others. At a certain point in their lives they probably have difficulty distinguishing their own emotions and wishes from those of others.

Therefore, it is very hard for them to know who they are and to be able to identify what they want from life. The search for their true identity and subsequently strengthening their identity can take many years of practice and hard work.

It is one of the greatest challenges for these people to learn to put up strong and secure boundaries and to learn to listen to their deepest inner wishes without taking into account (too much) what others expect of them.

Neptune in The Fourth House

With Neptune in the Fourth House or with the sign of Pisces on the cusp of the Fourth House the home situation often has been different from what it seemed from the outside. Possibly there was a family secret which was never openly discussed within the family. It is also possible that the marriage of the parents wasn’t very good, but that the parental disputes were never allowed to be seen or talked about outside the home.

Having to grow up in such a secretive situation is extremely difficult to handle for a young child. It doesn’t encourage, to say the least, an open and spontaneous communication with others.

With Pisces or Neptune in this 4th House position in the birth chart it is also possible that the child has idealized one of the parents and only fully realizes this in adulthood.
If that is the case it will be difficult but necessary to let go of the illusion that apparently has served a purpose for years.

We do not idealize something or someone just for the fun of it. Idealization is a defense mechanism against a situation that otherwise would be unbearable in the harsh light of reality. Idealization is very useful in childhood because it enables the child to function in a disharmonious environment.

Neptune in The Seventh House

And how about having Neptune in the Seventh House, or Pisces on the cusp of that House? When you have one of those positions in your birth chart you are inclined to idealize your partner.

You probably fall in love easily. This is especially true when you have an aspect between Neptune and the love planet Venus. With this 7th House position you just love to put your partner on a pedestal. The Neptunian energy surrounds your partner with an aura of idealism. Sobering fact: the ideal partner of course does not exist.

The challenge for people with this Seventh House position is to recognize that everyone has shortcomings. It is therefore paramount to see and to accept the flaws of the partner. Without this realization the relationship can never grow into a full and mature partnership.

People who have Neptune in the Seventh House or Pisces on the cusp of the Seventh House have to guard themselves against deception. For instance, they can be confronted with a deceiving partner or they are masters in self deception refusing to see others through realistic eyes.

This position can also signify the need for dependency. A relationship based on mutual dependency can never function as a mature, healthy partnership.

The saviour-victim pattern can lurk in the bushes. For instance when one of the partners suffers from an addiction or is chronically ill then the other partner will feel the need to sacrifice himself/herself. Often you recognize strong karmic ties that bind the two souls together. In many cases it will be necessary for both souls to break free from this karmic bind. The break can have a healing effect on both of them.

A glimpse of Neptune

In this article you have gotten a tiny glimpse behind the mysterious veil that surrounds Neptune. You have gotten a taste of the many faces of Neptune and of the role this intriguing and often misunderstood planet can play in the birth chart.

Where would we be if we weren’t able to dream?

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