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Definitions of astrological terms that begin with the letter A

Abscission of Light

Avoidance of the conclusion of a certain aspect, as a result of an intervention of another.

Accidental Dignity

Planet’s position by house or by other factors which are benefitial.


Unfavorable aspects between: planet-planet, planet-cups, planet-any other sensitive point.

Air Element

One (amongst four) of the astrological elements. It is a masculine element- for free flow of expression in communication, intellect and media.

Air Signs

Gemini: mutable; Aquarius: fixed; Libra: cardinal. Intelectual or mental signs.

Alcocoden (Alchochoden)

Bound lord of apheta or hyleg. “The giver of the years.” Planet that reveals (in the natal chart) the number of years a person is going to live- used in life length calculations.


One of the four Royal Stars. Malefic Fixed Star in Gemini’s 10th degre.


System of planetary periods of Persian origin (derived from the mixed Persian and Arabic term “al firdar”. Originally used for long term forecasting of historical events. Also used in preditcting individual charts.


(Caput Algol) Malefic fixed star at 27th degree of Taurus.


Means “strong holder.” Planet which comes to have a higher degree of importance that the ruler. Planet that has the most dignities in a given place in the zodiac.

Alpheta (Apheta)

The giver of life. Occupies the hylegiacal place in the horoscope. It’s said to have life-preserving qualities. Alphabetical places correspond with the places of Hyleg.


Dragon’s Head – North Lunar node.


From the greek “destroyer.” Planet afflicting the Hylet at birth and by direction. Believed to be life destructive by ancients.

Anaretic Place

“Degree of Fate.” Final degree- between 29° and 30°. The planets and house cusps which occupy these degrees indicate issues which are fundamental and must be dealt with.


1st, 10th, 7th and 4th houses of the horoscope. These are the most significant planets. Four cardinal points in a horoscope – The Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven and Imum Coeli.


Pertaining to the angles. The Angular houses are usually the strongest and must be specially noted. The experiential focus is dynamic and initiatory. Referred to as the cardinal house- because they’re ruled naturally by cardinal signs and express cardinal qualities.


Benefic Fixed Star in the 10th degree of Sagittarius. One of the four Royal Stars.


Disharmonious relations between planets, which rule and are exalted in opposite signs.


Equal distance from one side of the equator as from the other side- or also from a house cusp. Midpoint of a planet’s position and its antiscion is always the point of solstice.


Place in planet’s orbit furthest away from Earth.


Alpheta.  Giver of life. Benefic that occupies hylegiacal place in horscope. Said to have life-preserving qualities.


Place in planet’s orbit furthest away from Earth.

Apparent Motion

Motion of heavenly body as it is seen from the Earth. Referred to as “Sunrise.” It is when the Planet seems to rise over the Ascendant, eventhough they are actually travelling in the opposite direction around the Sun. Celestial bodies appear to rise in the east and set in the west – but it’s actually an illusion caused by the rotation of the Earth.


Approach of one planet to another – or to a sensitive point in the chart (such as a cusp.)


11th sign of Zodiac. Fixed air sign – The water-bearer.

Arabic Parts

Points wich are significant on the ecliptic. Derived from the relationship between other significant point or planets. Indicates sensitive point that relates the three factors which are involved. Sensitive point in the sky usually derived from 2 planets and the ascendant.


Curved path of stellar body and the distance as measured along the circumference of a circle.


1st sign of Zodiac. Cardinal fire sign: the Ram.


Sign and degree on the cusp of the 1st House. Degree of zodiac rising over easter horizon of the birthplace at the moment of the birth. Degree of great personal significance in character and life of an individual.


When a planet moves via the ascendant between the 4th and 10th cusps.


Rising of signs over the horizon. Due to the obliquity of the eliptic, some rise faster than others.


Word related to looking or seeing. Refers to divisions of the circle by numbers starting with 2. Particular angular distances between planets (or planets and other sensitive points.)


Smaller constelation.


Small sized planetoids which orbit between Mars and Jupiter (space known as Asteroid Belt.) The ones considered useful in astrology are: Ceres, Juno, Pallas Athene, Vesta and Chiron.


Science of the stars, which seeks meaning and application of the planets, stars and other celestial phenomenas in our lives. It’s the art of interpreting the relationships which are measured by correlations between the movements of celestial bodies and earth events.


One who practices astrology.


Science of observation and material origins of stars and other celestial phenomena. Discipline which has been separated from astrology.


One who practices astronomy.

Average Daily Motion

Average motion of a planet during a period of 24 hours. When the travel period is slower than average, its considered a debility.


Lack of acknolowledgement between the zodiac signs- which is based on aspects of 30 and 150 degrees precisely. According to hellenistic astrologers, aversion is the most unfavorable of circumstances due to inability for planets involved to function. Was thought by them that the aversion to be cancelled by like-engirding, equal power o commanding and obeying relationships.


Difference between starting point of Tropican and Sidereal Zodiacs as a consequence of the precession of equinoxes. The Ayanamsa changes continually at the rate of approximately 50” a year- and is currently at an estimate of 24 degrees.


Deficient or “Weak” degrees traditionally held to cause tendency to deformity, lameless or other disabilities.

Accidental Dignity

Planet’s position by house or by other factors which are benefitial.

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