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Greetings, Gentle Traveler, and welcome to our home on the internet! There’s lots to see and do here, so please make yourself at home-  just use the navigation menu to explore to your heart’s content!

So, who and what is Astrology Club?

We are a group of people who genuinely enjoy astrology. Our mission is to build a great website full of detailed facts and information. This website has two main functions. Firstly, to discuss our way of understanding astrology. Secondly, to study ongoing historical events in the light of astrology. We aim to make the site educational.mOur first thought was to offer astrological information on the website that a novice as well as an astrologer could digest and enjoy.

We knew that not only was knowledge, technical competence, interpretive skills and ethical standards necessary but also an abiding joy in the subject for our site to be enduring.

This Web site is for those who are genuinely interested in what happens to them, and in taking an active part of responsibility for their lives. If such is your case, read on. This might change forever the way you look at “reality” and it may change your life! We offer free information to which you can get by clicking the relevant links. is a comprehensive guide to anything astrological. In our opinion astrology has a bad image, but is not here to single-handedly alter that reality. What really pisses us off about the image thing is that, properly practiced, astrology can be so useful.

The best way to show this, I surmise, is to demonstrate its uses. In short, that is intended purpose. Astrology is not the answer to everything that ails us. It is not an instant cure for anything. It does not slice, dice or make you a guru with keys to inner workings of our world. Instead, astrology is another way of looking at the complexities of life through a more universal perspective. is intended to introduce you that perspective.

If you’re looking for quick and easy answers, we afraid you’re on the wrong web site. However, if you’re looking to deepen your understanding of yourself, to explore new directions, then we encourage you to come in and explore.

How & Why does what it does?

As you follow our forecasts, such as Lunations, Monthly Overview and Yearly Previews on a regular basis, you will learn new terms that ultimately will help you understand more complex topics. This represents what we consider a ‘win-win’ strategy for all involved. By teaching you more we are able to discuss more and keep you interested on our site. The more you know, the more we can discuss what is really on our mind, increasing our passion for the task.

The information on Astrology Club is provided by people who are practicing astrologers, amateur enthusiasts, or simply helpful people with enough interest and time to do the research and write the articles. There are thousands of pages on AstrologyClub.Org, so if you have any difficulty getting around we have provided a page of suggestions to get you started.

If you are already familiar with astrology, you will immediately be able to make use of knowing what lies where for any given period. You can also move to feature articles related to astrology and social trends from a an astrological perspective. In fact you can all be assured that the AstrologyClub.Org Website will do what the previous version attempted, only better. No matter at what level of astrology you are, absolute beginner to experienced master, you will find what you need on this site as long as its related to astrology.

It is our goal to bring you, the visitor, rich content, resources and tools related to Astrology and Personal and Professional Growth. As we serve you, our dream becomes a reality. We sincerely hope you enjoy the site.

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