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The Right Kind of Accommodations For Each Zodiac Sign

Travel experts didn’t come up with that star-rating system for nothing. A night in the open air is just right for some people, while others prefer a quaint bed and breakfast. Still others opt for a five-star hotel complete with room service and other luxuries. Look to your astrological sign and discover what kind of accommodations would make your trip and — your night’s sleep — just right.

Aries Zodiac Sign
The Ritz is an unlikely choice for the Ram, since it implies lounging around and soaking up the luxe atmosphere. The thought of lingering any longer than absolutely necessary is anathema to the energetic Ram. A downtown Marriott, especially if it’s close to a freeway exit, is about right. Or a tent. Or even a mobile home — rev up that engine and get going! While the occasional frill won’t be rejected by the Ram, it’s hardly necessary. Traveling with the Ram isn’t for everyone … but it’s bound to certainly be one heck of a ride.

Taurus Zodiac Sign
Taurus loves comfort, class and luxury. So it’s no surprise that the Bull will be spending the night in five-star sophistication, with breakfast delivered the following morning. That said, Taurus is aware of their limits financially and won’t spend more than they should. A roadside motel might be just the ticket on a cross-country trek, as long as it’s clean and well-amenitized. If it’s luxury you crave, the Bull may well be the perfect traveling companion.

Gemini Zodiac Sign
The perfect place to stay is probably not high on the Twins’ list of priorities when traveling. For the Gemini, the journey itself is much more important, with a hotel implying a lot of sitting and sleeping to these energetic folks. A trusty mid-range hotel would suit them just fine, although a cabin for twelve might be much more fun, especially if there’s a roaring campfire at night and plenty of tales to be told. The clever and creative Twins can turn any accommodations into the suite of their dreams, as it’s their company that’s most important to them. The French poet Charles Baudelaire was clearly thinking of the Twins when he wrote, ‘Real travelers go for the sake of going / And travel light, like balloons.’

hotel-roomCancer Zodiac Sign
Home is not an option for the Cancer, so the next best thing for the crafty Crab is to bring home along on the road. This, of course, makes an RV a natural choice for these folks, although camping out with their favorite tent and sleeping bag is also okay. Much like Linus in the Peanuts comic strip, Crabs won’t think twice about traveling with their favorite blanket, a few special photos (framed, of course) and the perfect nighttime read. If a nurturing tour is what you seek, the Crab is the traveling companion for you.

Leo Zodiac Sign
Those born under Leo insist on luxury from soup to nuts, so their hotel of choice must always be the finest in town. (And if the town doesn’t have one, it’s not their kind of town.) Think the Crillon in Paris and the Pierre in New York, hostelries which are happy to unpack your bags while you take a spot of tea in the lobby lounge. Shutters in Santa Monica is a great place for Lions who want to frolic seaside, since the rooms are a languid pleasure. Itching to go first-class? Call a Leo!

Virgo Zodiac Sign
Neat, clean and efficient all describe a Virgo’s hostelry of choice. Chains such as Marriott and Hilton were made for these folks, what with their seal of quality and proven reliability. A concierge is also a nice touch at their hotel, the better to fact-check their own well-planned itinerary. Country inns and small pensions are also good choices for the Virgo — just don’t expect to run into them at a Super 8 Motel. If there’s an iron in the closet, the place is heavenly to them. If you want to get there on time and fit it all in, travel with a Virgo.

Libra Zodiac Sign
How many stars are next to a hotel’s name? If you have to use all five fingers to count them, then a Libran would stay there. It has to be ritzy for those born under this sign; the Princess in Acapulco or Dallas’s Mansion at Turtle Creek are suitable choices. The Libra needs a porter or two to carry their bags, while a Jacuzzi tub and king-size bed are the kinds of whims that make traveling worthwhile for them. Librans aren’t likely to camp out, unless a fully equipped RV is part of the deal. Plenty of room is also important, so these folks are usually thinking ‘suite’ when checking in. Finally, traveling with the Scales is bound to be glamorous, so you’d better look good.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign
To a Scorpio, a place to sleep is about as important as a place to eat. As long as there’s a mattress and some running water, it works. That said, sexy Scorpions might prefer to shack up with that seductive stranger seated across the bar and learn a thing or two about … let’s just say that soaking up the local culture can take many forms! If they’d rather sleep alone, though, Scorpions will always have enough cash on hand for whatever accommodation feels right. You’re not likely to find them at the Ritz, but a three-star hotel might feel nice from time to time. Pushing the envelope is what travel is all about for the seductive Scorpion.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign
The Archer isn’t the extravagant sort at all. What’s important to these folks is fluidity and mobility. ‘How quickly can I make my escape to the next destination?’ is a question a Sag would likely ask. Along those lines, traveling with a well-equipped backpack sounds about right, the better to roll out a sleeping bag and roll it right back up the next morning. Hotels are fine as long as they’re close to the action, functional and representative of place. Seekers of the truth, Sags don’t need anything prettied up for their benefit. Anyway, it doesn’t get much prettier than sleeping under the stars. Looking for adventure? Tag along with a Sag, if you can.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign
Thank goodness the Sea Goat can generally afford to stay exactly where they want, since their hotel of choice is likely to cost a pretty penny. The Ritz in any city is always worthy of consideration, although smaller yet equally exclusive hostelries will do just fine. It’s not about over-the-top ostentatiousness for anyone born under this sign, but rather, style and comfort; glitter and glitz would be a bit much. The Sea Goat also tends to travel with a full complement of bags, so their room best be roomy. Lastly, nice touches at a fair price are always appreciated by practical Capricorn. Want to leave the planning to someone else? Travel with a Cap.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign
When you frequent the far corners of the world, you can’t expect to find a Holiday Inn at every stop. No problem here, since an Aquarian feels equally comfortable in a teepee as they so in a five-star hotel. Adaptability is a valued trait for these folks when they’re on the road. Even so, they’d much prefer to experience things like a local, so it’s bound to be a mud hut in Mali or a kibbutz in Israel. The Water Bearer is fairly mobile as well, so you can expect these folks to travel lightly and not require much when they get there. Eager to save the world? Hook up with an Aquarian and you’re on your way.

Pisces Zodiac Sign
‘Beggars can’t be choosers,’ the timid Fish might say when it comes time to find their accommodations. Although they’re not likely to be paupers, they might start to think like one. Such is the beauty of this self-sacrificing soul. Truth be told, though, these folks can stay and sleep anywhere, anytime; they’re quite comfortable with the notion of being less than comfortable. A lumpy mattress would go virtually unnoticed (the Fish would be too engrossed in their dreams), while a leaky tent would simply provide the pleasure of a few drops of water. If you seek a journey that’s spiritually complete, it’s time to sail away with the fantastical Fish.

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