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What Is Your Achilles Heel According To Chinese Astrology?

Everyone has at least one vulnerable spot. It is a potential weak spot that explodes into a disaster when enough pressure is applied to it. It is almost like a ticking time bomb, waiting for its time to ignite.

In Chinese astrology, four stars are impacted by special forces determined by the year of birth. The special forces are:

  • wealth
  • power
  • fame, and
  • destruction.

The stars are classified into five different elements:

  • gold
  • wood
  • water
  • fire, and
  • earth

Wood makes fire burn brightly but too much wood can choke earth. The element of the destruction force is water and it has varying degrees of effect on the stars depending on their base elements. A fire base star is devastated while impacted by the destruction force, while a water base star may be mildly affected.

Of the twelve houses in the chart of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, where do you think the destruction force resides? Take a guess. The twelve houses clockwise are: life potential, parents, fortune, real estate and properties, career, friends and hired help, mobility, health, wealth, children, lovers and spouse, and siblings. Which aspect poses a lifetime challenge to the Queen?

The answer is wealth. The Queen, one of the wealthiest women in the world, has financial worries?

A lot has been written about the Queen being very frugal and tight- fisted. From an astrological perspective, one of the two main stars guarding her life potential house is in charge of money, meaning she is very shrewd when it comes to financial matters. Triggered by the scandals concerning her three children (Charles, Anne and Andrew; all divorced) and ex daughter-in-laws Diana and Sarah, the Queen now pays income tax, ending the tax exemption concession won by her father.

In the summer of 1996, the Queen made further proposals to cut minor royal members out of the civil list and make them earn their own living, instead of being supported by British taxpayers. If the proposal is implemented, the burden on the Queen to supplement the income of her children, especially Price Andrew and Prince Edward, will intensify.

One has to realize that despite having huge real estate holdings, the Queen is not at liberty to put castles or palaces up for sale. With enormous cash required to run households and look sharp in public, she probably faces more financial worries than the average person recognizes.

Do you ever wonder why the media is forever picking on Prince Charles while Princess Diana is ever popular when both people have admitted to adultery? The former is the underdog while the latter is the golden girl who can do no wrong. Interestingly, Prince Charles has his Achilles heel in the mobility house where the destruction force resides, while the reverse applies to Princess Diana: the wealth force resides in her mobility house. The public (through the media) perceive them in a certain way and almost nothing will shake that view.

To really know yourself, you have to know your strengths and your Achilles heel. Otherwise, the latter can become a blind spot that has brought down dynasties and empires to grand people in history.

© 1998 Debbie Yeung

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