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What Activity Suits Your Zodiac Sign

A Sagittarius could probably be found climbing Everest, while a Taurus might venture off on a wine tasting tour in the Loire Valley. Are you apt to go sightseeing through the streets and museums of Paris, or trekking through the mountains and villages of Nepal? Learn what kind of activities might make it onto your itinerary, based on your astrological sign.

The Ram wants to move. The Aries traveler is self-sufficient to the core, so no tour groups for this sort. The agenda du jour is the Ram’s alone, and it will likely include many stops along the way. Exploring is important, so a jaunt to Paris will take in all the top sights, along with some lesser-known ones. A safari in Africa means the Ram will come away with a delicious glimpse of the animal kingdom, since these folks want to get a taste of it all.

Ariens can blow through a lot of money on this-and-that while traveling as well, and won’t even know how they did it — but they’ll certainly have had a good time along the way. Stimuli is important to the Ram, so anyone traveling alongside this energetic sort had best be prepared to keep moving and keep learning. And definitely pack some athletic gear, because it’s bound to be a real workout!

A disciple of the pleasure principle, the Bull will surely do only what feels good once on the road. Sleeping in is a great way to start the day, since they’re probably staying at the Ritz!

Once out and about, it’s a languorous day of sightseeing punctuated by a late-afternoon repast. Sights of cultural or historic significance are important to the Bull, and if they’re filled with riches, even better: the Crown Jewels would never be missed on a trip to London, for example. A traveling Impressionist exhibit won’t be missed, either, nor would the Great Wall be overlooked in China or the Acropolis in Greece.

True to an Earth sign, Taureans enjoy being grounded while on the road, so hiking, biking or other physical pursuits which keep them close to the ground are also attractive. Furthermore, it’s unlikely that the Bull will do more than they can in the pursuit of adventure — these folks are as sensible while traveling as they are at home.

What not to do is a more fitting question for the Twins, inclined as they are to do it all while on the road. Learning as much as they can about their destination is half the fun for these intellectual sorts. The souks of Morocco would be the perfect starting point in their immersion into this centuries-old culture, although they could happily learn just as much (albeit quite different material) from a park ranger in the Great Smoky Mountains. The name of the game is information, and if it comes while engaging others, all the better.

New experiences are also fun for those born under this sign: Trekking in Nepal and yoga in India could be part of the rich tapestry. Mercurial as these folks are, they need a lot of stimulation while traveling to stay amused. The Twins are also insatiably curious and love a challenge, so you can bet they’ll be at the wheel — and not in the passenger seat — on Germany’s Autobahn.

Group activity is essential for the Crab since they travel in a pack. A Crab-fest on Martha’s Vineyard over the Fourth of July would be sublime for these familial folks. Hiking in the Grand Tetons or rafting down the Colorado are also ideal group activities. When running rapids, however, Cancers will never get past a Class III level (moderately difficult), shying away as they do from risky activities. Even so, most water sports are high on their list: Boating, surfing and deep-sea diving are all pleasurable for aquatic Crabs.

Everything on the Cancer’s agenda is likely to have been decided upon beforehand … these folks are not exactly spontaneous. Ruled by the Moon, Cancers tend to get moody with the changing phases of this shiny orb. Hence, a word to the wise: Let them set the course.

It’s unlikely the Lion will break a sweat while sightseeing. Sure, it’s important to see the sights, but it’s also important to look good while doing it. To that end, Leos will set an organized yet fun agenda for themselves and their crew, taking in the hottest Broadway show or the latest exhibit in Rome — with tickets purchased beforehand to avoid the line.

Social as they are, Leos love to be in a crowd, so parties, receptions or any other crowded venue (local bars and discos always rate high) are a magnet for them. Give ’em a drink and they’ll regale their ‘subjects’ for hours. The best of the best is important to the Lion, too, so they’d never miss the Prado in Madrid or the frescoes of the Sistine. ‘Driver, my feet are a bit sore. It’s time to head back to the hotel … ‘

The name of the game for traveling Virgos is to do many things — make that many interesting things. Wasted time is anathema to these folks, so they’re sure to have a crackerjack agenda set up before arrival. That done, it’s off to the business of museums, historical sites, tasty restaurants and even tastier music. Every last bit of fact and fun should be squeezed out of the journey.

Discriminating Virgos will want to return home with a souvenir or two, and you can bet that they’ll spend their money on something that’s clever and built to last. If the Virgo does choose to rest those weary feet, it will only be to sit at a cafe and revise the itinerary. Ever focused on health, traveling Virgos would also enjoy hiking in the Sierras or pedaling a bike through the hills of New England. If a big city is the destination, the hotel better have a gym in order to fit in that daily workout.

Excelling at bringing people together, Librans enjoy activities that involve a group. Whether it’s a night at the opera or dinner with newfound friends at their chic hotel, the Scales enjoy good company and stimulating conversation. Price is no object for Librans when choosing an activity, and they always know exactly what to say, concerned as they are about how others perceive them.

Loving the lush life as they do, the Scales are quick to visit museums, castles and those latter-day temples of excess: shopping centers. Make that shopping meccas — Librans thrive in cities such as New York, Paris and Rome. Occasionally, the Scales will seek a bit of sport in travel, so day hikes in the Rocky Mountains or roping and riding at a dude ranch in Wyoming are also top choices.

Whatever the destination, it’s a sure bet the Scorpion will be calling the shots, so dreaming up (and taking) a wild ride is always part of the plan. Those born under this sign love an adventure — and the more exotic, the better, as it will satisfy their probing minds.

Self-confident Scorpions are also quite perceptive and enjoy a little give-and-take with strangers from the wrong side of the tracks, if only to prove to themselves that they’re still sharp as ever. Always up for a challenge, it’s a Scorpion who would travel halfway around the world to engage in extreme sports. Bungee-jumping in New Guinea? Hang gliding in Peru? It’s the degree of difficulty which matters to these folks, and what makes the game that much more enjoyable.

climb everestSagittarius
Think of a foreign correspondent on the road, forever asking questions, probing, getting to the heart of the matter. That’s exactly what the Archer wants to do when traveling — learn as much as possible. Gregarious as they are, these folks will easily engage those they meet and come away better for it.

Sagittarians are physical by nature; for them, much can be learned by doing. These folks might be willing to catch an alligator or rope a wild steer, while more traditional sporting endeavors, such as big-game fishing or hang gliding, are also choice options. The Archer is fearless when traveling and will try just about anything in the name of experience. Lastly, with their ruling planet Jupiter being the Planet of Luck, shrewd Sags are wise to play some craps at the gaming tables of Monaco or Atlantic City.

Whatever the Sea Goat chooses to do while traveling, it’s likely to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. Organized tours are most appealing to these sensible and methodical sorts, so museum tours or historical treks are always on their list. Taking their time while traveling also means allowing for a good book over a cup of tea, or simply daydreaming on a day-long cruise (although it’s more than likely that the wheels will be spinning in the Cap’s fertile mind).

Averse to risk as they are, Capricorns aren’t about to engage in any far-flung adventures, preferring instead to take a risk on an unknown bottle of wine. Although fairly steady by nature, Caps enjoy some earnest competition when it comes to team sports. Volleyball at the beach would be fun, as would a round of golf with the traveling gang.

What will an Aquarian do while on the road? Change the world, of course! Those born under this sign are visionaries to the core and come with a pocketful of ideas on how to improve the human condition. Spreading their gospel is essential, whether it’s in a small village in India or at a bar in Berlin. It’s also important to Aquarians that their traveling companions are getting the message, so time will be spent on educating their crew.

Learning about the people and places they visit is probably the top item on the Water Bearer’s agenda, the better to lend a hand later on and do the work that needs to be done. When it’s time to decompress, Aquarians love to engage in team sports, so a game of hoops or doubles tennis is always fun. Or is there a new game to be learned in some far corner of the world? ‘Bring it on!,’ they’ll likely say.

Helping others is the number one goal for traveling Fish. Of course, they won’t make a big deal out of their altruism, since they tend to be shy and quiet. Reaching out to others and lending a helping hand is a Piscean’s greatest joy while traveling, so these folks will spend a lot of time engaging locals. Chances are they’ll be somewhere where someone needs their help.

There will be times, though, when the Fish simply want to sit back, relax and contemplate their navels (or their gills). This can take the form of reading a book, meditating, painting or playing lyrical music. These gentle souls also have a bit of the romantic in them, so a quiet dinner-a-deux is a nice addition to any trip.

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