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Affirmations For The Zodiac Signs

affirmationsIt’s been said we don’t incarnate into a particular sun sign because we already embody its traits, but rather, we are learning to harness its positive traits. When an area of our natal chart is very strained, placing focus on planetary remedies may become necessary.

Utilizing affirmations that match the positive needs of the horoscope signs can help you to establish positive etheric patterns that heal and optimize your path.

I am responsible with my strength and vibrance.
I identify as a spiritual force of light, peace, and balance in the world.

My loving connections are peaceful, loyal, and enduring.
I am a force of peace and I enjoy the peace I extend.

I enjoy variety with attentiveness, focus, and appreciation for the diversity in the universe.
I know what I want and also enjoy expanding my perspective.

I am safe, loving, and connect with loving, respectful people.
I am a wonderful nurturer who receives equally wonderful nurturing.

I am loved, appreciated, and valued.
I am a lightbeam to many.

I take good care of myself and the others entrusted to my care.
I am healthy and balanced in my sense of order and duty.

I celebrate the peace and balance in my life.
I am surrounded and filled with beauty, peace, and high vibration.

I am safe from injustice and utilize my power for high good with harm to none.
I celebrate my purpose and put my considerable stores of energy to helping the planet heal and regenerate.

I broaden my horizons with wise steps that benefit myself and community.
I celebrate the wonder of the world with a balanced and high-vibrating perspective.

I am treated with respect and I treat others with respect.
I am secure in my foundation.

I am comfortable in my uniqueness.
I am a force for the good of the people.

I attract and share positive energy.
I make wise choices in my emotional connections by heeding my intuition.

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