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The Element Of Air

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

airAir signs all operate in the mental plane and deal in the world of communications. Air is the element of abstract thought. Perception, communication, relationships and reasoning are the functions of Air.

People with lots of Air (6 or more counts) usually live in their minds, restlessly seeking knowledge and sharing their thoughts with other people. Somewhat impersonal, they nevertheless thrive on communication and social interaction. They enjoy learning situations, not because they necessarily wish to learn anything, but because they are motivated by lots of mental stimulation and discussion. Their knowledge and understanding may actually be superficial, but they feel content with their intellectual gifts and thus they feel there is no need to work on developing them.

For those with air predominating in their charts, real intellectual rapport with those they are involved with is essential. Security and sensuality take second place to finding someone they can talk to- in fact, the whole realm of emotion can be threatening to them and they often give it a wide birth- which is even true of the romantic sign of Libra. As a result, they can seem fickle, as their natural curiosity and need for mental stimulation drives them on to look for new horizons.

People with little Air (0 or 1 counts) often hunger for social interaction. Although very concerned with communication, they frequently feel out of contact or misunderstood; they may prefer to express themselves through non verbal or written channels rather than the spoken word. Distrustful of the intellect, they learn primarily from experience. Nevertheless, they are endlessly conceptualising and clarifying their thinking.


Active, Calm
Charming, Clear headed
Co-operative, Cold
Communication, Conceptualising
Detached, Discontent
Eccentric, Haughty
Highly strung, Impractical
Indecisive, Industrious
Intellectual, Intelligent
Interacting, Inventive
Isolated, Lively
Logical, Mental energy
Objective, Observant
Questioning, Resourceful
Scientific, Searching
Self opinionated, Simple
Sociable, Subjective
Synthesizing, Talented
Talkative, Unfeeling

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