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Your Annual Success Cycles

Astrologers are called “cycles analysts” today. There are many cycles that suggest timing for easiest success in your life endeavors.

Two systems are introduced below, one based on dividing the year into 7 equal parts, one based on dividing the year into 12 parts.

Once your cycles are calculated, both systems will apply each year throughout your lifetime. Advanced students can experiment with using both systems together.

1. A system based on the 7 ancient planets begins your personal year on your birthday, and divides your year into 7 equal parts.

Count 52 days from your birthday to calculate your first cycle, 52 more days for your 2nd cycle, and so on, until you have 7 equal cycles in your year. Note the beginning and ending dates of each cycle for your permanent reference.

  1. The first cycle of your year (ruled by the Sun) is good for pushing forward with new plans, vitality, image, confidence, and new beginnings.
  2. The 2nd cycle (ruled by the Moon) finds you pensive and intuitive, moody, strongly affected by family dyanmics, and seeking your own brand of emotional security.
  3. The 3rd cycle (ruled by Mars) is good for physical action and constructive projects, promotions.
  4. In the 4th cycle (ruled by Mercury), you are intuitive and receive spiritual inspiration, are very open and sensitive now, so protect the nervous system and stay away from chaotic influences.
  5. In the 5th cycle (ruled by Jupiter), you are lucky and may take honors; this is an excellent time to promote yourself. It can be a prosperity cycle.
  6. The 6th cycle (ruled by Venus) is ideal for vacations and socializing, appreciating the beauty of life.
  7. The 7th cycle (ruled by Saturn) is for rest and regeneration, releasing the old and making plans for your new year, reflection, solitude, simplifying, and a wealth of inspiration.

2. Another annual cycle begins on the date correlated to the degree of your ascendant or rising sign.

This system features 12 periods related to the Sun’s transits through the 12 houses of your birthchart each year. The houses relate to different areas of human concern and, as the Sun travels through each house, it “lights up” that area with soul power and vitality that you can use for life success and confidence. Your astrologer can calculate and explain your annual cycles based on twelve.

(This article was originally published in WOMEN AS MENTORS newsletter, Redwood City CA, 1996.)

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