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Aquarius April 2015 Horoscope

The fourth house placement of Mars shows energies expended in the home and the domestic scene, bringing a good time for home improvement projects. On the other hand, Mars in this house usually means some family quarrels and squabbles.

However, you can avoid this as the Sun and Uranus start in your solar third house of communication giving you a faculty for saying the right thing, at the right time. This placement denotes a drive for power in matters regarding mental or analytical accomplishment.

The emphasis is on all forms of communications over the first three weeks. You are going to be inquisitive, and not afraid to get to the bottom of issues. You wish to find solutions to problems at hand. This could require more writing or documentation or research at work, short trips and all forms of correspondence.

The Sun moves into next sign on the 20th to join Mars and to bring even more attention to your home life. To the end of the month the spotlight narrows fully to domestic and family concerns.

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