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Aquarius Archetype

Core Insights for Aquarius

Mode: Inward (Harnessing, Utilizing, Sustaining, Empowering, Nurturing)

Element: Air (Awareness, Ideas, Thought, Concepts, Knowledge)

Archetypal Images: Genius, Humanitarian, Inventor, Sage, Rebel, Scientist, Astrologer

Planetary Governor: Saturn and Uranus

House Association: 11th House of Community & Possibilities

Body Wisdom: Ankles, Shins, Electromagnetic Field.

Spiritual Principle: Individuation “Freedom to be Original”

Harmonious: Friendly, Enlightened, Cosmic, Interesting, Brainy, Unconventional, Intuitive, Reformist, Independent, Eccentric, Tolerant, Innovative, Radical, Shocking.

Shadow: Unreliable, Aloof, Perverse, Shocking. Lost in Ideas, Alien, Selfish, Weird, Disruptive, Robotic, Unpredictable, Zealous, Impractical, Rebellious, Mentally Stubborn.

Aquarius is the archetype of strong-willed, radical individuality embracing innovation, originality, democracy and celestial insight. It is the style of thinking in ways that are not taught to think, to live in a realm of bizarre ideas and eccentric attitudes.

Planets found in Aquarius are instantly charged with electricity radiating a potent field of cosmic energy and humanitarian detachment. Aquarius strives for spiritual community on the planet. This is the archetype of the reformer who wants to bring a brighter vision of society into reality, one that supports and encourages the road less traveled and tolerance for human diversity.

This archetype aims for nothing short of total freedom to pursue enlightenment and to raise consciousness on the planet. It preaches liberty and the power of choice, but it also knows that true freedom without discipline and organization is an illusion.

Aquarius, Saturn and Uranus symbolize the quest to bridge the ancient mythic past with the hope of the future. Uranus governs freedom while Saturn governs responsibility. People who are infused with this archetype feel a strong need to be free and at the same time know they need to put their noses to the grindstone if the intuitive visions they are receiving are ever to manifest in the world of conventional reality.

Innovative, scientific Aquarius inspires you to invent new realities and to push the frontiers of human knowledge and awareness of the universe. Uranus literally means “Heaven” in the Greek. To enter the kingdom of Uranian futuristic living, we must integrate the opposite sign of Leo and become like little children, innocent and spontaneous.

The house with Aquarius on the cusp is where you need to get excited, express unconventional ideas, and live your originality to the fullest. Aquarius is a high energy, electromagnetic sign that stops nothing short of intuitive connection to the universal mind of eternal being. The same goes for the house that contains Saturn and Uranus, the mythic patriarchs of mythology. It is in those realms of life experience that you can guide others to ways of radical self-expression and interesting, brainy discussion.

Aquarius governs the ankles, shins, and the electromagnetic field surrounding the body.

When your Aquarian energy is misdirected you become weird and aloof, with no sensitivity to human connectivity or emotion. You lose your soul, lost in technological advances and strange ideas. Steeped in impractical concepts, the shadow of Aquarius emerges making us fanatic, zealous, selfish, cold, and inhuman. The mad scientist destroys the laboratory for the sake of scientific advancement and disruptive causes.

When humans start trying to play God through genetic engineering and nuclear power nature suffers and our souls are diminished. Mary Shelley writing two centuries ago warned us about the dangers of losing our hearts and minds through the misuse of technology in her horrific portrayal of Frankenstein. As our race advances the spiritual technologies need to catch up to our alienating material technological advances. Appropriate technology will be the way to go as we embark on this two hundred year journey of living in a world of ideas and imagination that started in 1980 under the great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.

People imbued with a solid dose of Aquarius need to unify their heads with their hearts. Learn to overcome the shadow through expressing the opposite sign Leo, gaining warmth, affection, and joy. The key word Shocking appears on both the light and dark sides of Aquarius. This signs governs the shock of electricity and intuitive ideas but also the shock of trauma and sudden disruption. Aquarian shock can help shake people out of mass-conformism but administered wrongfully can really hurt feelings and alienate folks.

The spiritual principle of Aquarius is individuation, the gift of being true to the original voice of your heart and soul.

The glyph for Aquarius symbolizes two poles of cosmic energy flowing through life as creative light and seed wisdom. They are the eternal serpent-like waves of electricity and knowledge.

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