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Aquarius Boar (Pig) Personality

It’s better for you, as Pig Aquarius, to try and concentrate, rather than flit about as you do from project to project. After all, without a dash of constancy, how will you ever achieve the income necessary to fulfill your fondest Porcine dreams of luxury?

Watch out for excess avarice — some people may start to cut you from their party lists if you let your acquisitive nature show a little too openly.

Pig AquariusYou are the great Aquarian communicator, but what is necessary is damp down your round-the-clock transmissions from time to time. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and this you cannot live without.

Your friends are just that — friends, and not sycophants, so don’t try to stamp them all down into the same mold, because they just won’t fit, and may break if handled carelessly. Remember that true friendship is only possible between equals!

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