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Aquarius Cartoon Character

MommaMomma (from the comic strip of the same name) tries so hard to motivate her children, but no matter how hard she tries to communicate with them, they still go their own way.

This causes her to retreat to her home and think about where she has gone wrong and how she can make things right.

In this she is much like those born under the Sign of Aquarius — they have that intense need to broadcast their thoughts, feelings, opinions and emotions with others around them!

Unconventional Aquarians are not particularly welcome in the conservative camp. Their need to let people know what they think makes others, at times, consider them rude and obtrusive. Their lack of tact could use a little work as well.

Just like Momma, an Aquarius person believes that the world should be restructured socially in order to give them their rightful place in the greater scheme of things – as determined by themselves, of course!

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