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Aquarius Astronomically Speaking

It is one thing to read about the stars, planets and constellations, but it is another experience entirely to stand in dark, look up at the night sky and be able to locate and name them. Doing this gives us a sense of ourselves as part of the solar system and defines our location and place in the universe.

The Orion-Sirius Hour & the Cosmic Triangle
Cosmic Triangle

Cosmic Triangle

During winter months in the northern hemisphere Orion, the brightest constellation, and Sirius (part of Canis Major), the brightest star in our heavens, dominate the night sky. Astronomers call this time of the year the Orion-Sirius Hour. The constellation Orion is the next arm of our spiraling galaxy. Orion is significant in that the pattern of the three pyramids of Giza (built in 10,5000 BC) were lined up (following the pattern) with the three stars in the Hunter’s belt.

Step outside, look up to the night sky and locate three stars lined up in a row (see map). This is Orion the Hunter’s belt, three of seven stars in the constellation of Orion, and is the central point of reference for locating two other points in the sky. Extend the line formed by this belt downward you will find Sirius and extending the belt upward is a cluster of seven stars called the Pleaides and part of the Taurus constellation. Now turn around and locate the Big Dipper, with its handle standing almost straight up. You have now made a connection with what is called in Esoteric Astrology as “The Cosmic Triangle”, three points in the sky (Rays 1, 2, 3 or The Trinity) that directly affect our Soul evolution.

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