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Aquarius December 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our December 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Aquarius Zodiac Sign!

Aquarius December Horoscope 2016- Overview

You need to be careful about your purchases this Christmas – yes, we all get excited, but all that glitters … you know the rest. Do be sure that you are not duped into what looks like an amazing offer, but which has hidden extras or hidden terms which you are not fully aware of – this is especially true for cell phone contracts, holidays, time share or broadband offers. Make sure that you can walk away and get a refund without incurring costs if you change your mind. Basically, think twice before you buy anything that is technical, comes with insurance or an onerous contract.

There are always times when we find out who our true friends are, and it is often over the holidays – you may get a sudden insight into the people you hang out with, which leaves you wondering if you really know them at all. It may be during a tipsy moment that something is revealed which makes you think – OK, I never knew that! You may take a step back from some friends, thereafter. A friend may actually be the catalyst for you having to deal with something you had either been put off or had been avoiding. Do be careful of getting into business or money lending situations with friends.

Look after your health in December 2016 – this is a very good time for a check-up and to take control of cholesterol, blood pressure and overall health issues. You should think about how to reduce stress and perhaps do some reading on how diet, meditation or exercise could reduce your stress levels for 2016. Pay more attention to health.

Aquarius December 2016 Love Horoscope

December 2016 is a very good month for Aquarians (who have been in relationships for more than a year) to get married – there is a combination of tradition and magic in love that are ideal ingredients. It is not a good time for gunshot weddings – where you get married on the spur of the moment as you may not be thinking clearly.

Watch out for alcohol-induced liaisons which can come back to haunt you.

The spiritual side of relationships are vital to Aquarians who tire of the mundane and ordinary quickly and feel a need to examine feelings on a mystical level. Aquarians will enjoy deep conversations, and you will coax out the secrets and vulnerabilities of your partners with an empathy which is touching, and which will help a new or old relationship to reach a new level of intimacy and understanding. The key to good sexual and romantic relationships is being able to let go and drop your guard, not only expecting your partner to do so.

Aquarians may be disappointed with partners who fail to open up in a wholehearted way. You have very high expectations and your idealism can lead you to be disappointed in love, but like I said before, this year LOVE itself is an opportunity to learn more about yourself on an emotional level, and so instead of being disillusioned when things do not go as you imagined, do what you do best and analyze, understand, learn and grow. Unresolved issues to do with your mother figure may impact on how you relate to your partner – so be aware of triggers that reawaken childhood complexes.

Aquarius Career Horoscope December 2016

December 2016 is a very important month for word of mouth for those who work in the arts or the healing fields – if you have looked after your customers or clients well, this can be a very fortunate time financially when good karma brings you a rush of business.

This can be a very productive time for those training/working in any medical field – you can make big strides in your understanding and ability to diagnose.

You may sacrifice time over the holidays to devote to a job you are invested in – you will put your clients’ or patients’ well-being ahead of your self-interest, and this can lead to good karma as well as a great sense of personal achievement.

December 2016 is an excellent time for initiatives with similar businesses – these initiatives need not be all about selling, they may be charitable or humanitarian in nature, with positive spin offs. in December 2016 is also fortunate for those of you who work with people in service industries – an empathy and compassion will allow you to give service that is outstanding and very helpful.

It is very important to track financial transactions, and shipping insurance is especially important. Do your bank reconciliations and keep an eye out for cheques that bounce. December 2016 is a very bad time for any risky scheme or venture – do not gamble.

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