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Aquarius February 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our February 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Aquarius Zodiac Sign!Aquarius February 2016 Horoscope

Aquarius February Horoscope 2016- Overview

Aquarius, February 2016 is a month of feathers in your cap and the feeling of motoring after having stalled. After the changes of mind and confusion of last month, you have a clear road ahead of you and can plan and move forward on your aims and goals. After a few refinements and adjustments last month that were irritating, you are actually better placed than before.

In February 2016 the law and government regulations can actually be rather helpful to you, and they may help you solve a problem or get resolution on an issue – I would advise seeking legal advice or contacting your local MP/Senator about any problems you have as they may have some practical advice on how to address things. Aquarius, make more use of free citizen advice centers or bureaus who may know more about laws and regulations than you. There are ways to access the law without having to spend lots of money – research how you can use these.

Aquarius, you are well organized in February 2016 and will be able to plan even complex matters effectively. A very good time to take your finances, paperwork or PC filing systems into hand – get rid of rubbish, save anything important and file things more systematically. Often life is so busy that we forget how important storing info and important documents is.

Later in February 2016, you will have a burst of energy which can help you to be very productive with practical things – so if you have DIY, renovating, carpentry, gardening or anything physically demanding to do, save it until then.

Firm friends will have good advice for you in February 2016 as well as being able to offer practical support and encouragement. Honesty and shared feelings will make a good friendship even more solid right now.

Aquarius February 2016 Monthly Love Horoscope

Love is complex for Aquarians in February 2016 but also very rewarding. Aquarians enjoy puzzles; they love the unexplained, and the more enigmatic someone is, the more they are attracted. The more complicated and passionate a relationship is, even if it’s a rocky road, the better as Aquarians will be fascinated and very involved. Aquarians love a chase, and they also love a person who has a vulnerable side.

Single Aquarians will be very attracted to a person who they see as either ‘damaged’ or with issues – issues per se never scare a Water Bearer away. Aquarians have a need this year to act as a savior, and love is probably the ideal place to do this on a very intimate and personal level, and that is why Aquarians will attract challenging and demanding lovers, who can involve you in very deep and transformative relationships.

In existing relationships and marriages, in February 2016, you may stir things up quite unconsciously in order to take things to a new level by disrupting the equilibrium. You may be accused by your partner of looking for arguments, but you are really eager to get deeper conversation going. Aquarius, you need to find constructive ways of engaging with your partner about deeper and more sensitive subjects – don’t be argumentative or create tension in order to get around to saying what is on your mind: perhaps read books or see movies that are about the topic you want to talk about and use that as a springboard.

This can be a very interesting Valentine’s Day, especially if your partner shares your need for renewed intimacy and escapism – use your creativity to create that magic moment that cannot fail to impress your love. Sometimes Aquarians provoke passion in others as they are not able to easily access that passion themselves; this February use visualization to feel that passion and excitement within you – let go of the fear of losing your detachment.

Aquarius Career Horoscope February 2016

Aquarius, you are working very hard in February of 2016 to prove your worth: it is vital for you to show that you have the ability and you can take on any intellectual or creative challenge. You will work hard and be quite ingenious when it comes to making sure that you reach targets, get the grades or make the right impression. There is an ‘in your face, that’ll show you’ attitude where you want to show your doubters that they have underestimated you. Often they say that the best revenge is success, and that is the theme in February 2016 for Aquarius.

You can work well with authority figures in February 2016, and they may even help you. A friendship you develop with an older colleague or a person in your field with more experience than you can be very beneficial. Someone may take you under their wing this year and teach you a great deal, but you must be receptive as this will not necessarily be an easy relationship as this person will be hard to please and very exacting, but it is what you need.

Aquarius, the best lessons are the tough lessons – did you ever have a subject you struggled with at school, but once you got the hang of it you really got good at it? Sometimes we find a talent via hardship or struggle and that is why in February of 2016 you must persist with difficult tasks or goals and not abandon them. The hardest things to get to grips with could be your greatest asset or skill long-term.

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