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Aquarius Astrological Goddess Power

Aquarius Astrological Goddess Power

The Aquarius woman is a whimsical charmer.

You are the butterfly of the Zodiac loving the flowers but staying with none.

Your Many Fabulous Qualities

Aquarius dear, what a delightful and capricious creature the universe has given us in you. Not only do you march to your own drummer, you hear an entirely different tune.

You are loyal to the ones you love but always remain slightly detached living in a mystical place that the rest of the signs will never visit.

Your carefree spirit is without boundaries or blocks and the man lucky enough to finally win your heart will enjoy more freedom than most other women will allow.

Despite the freedom that you give to men, they are very wise not to be unfaithful. You respect that they too need to march to their own drummer but respect yourself too much to settle for anything but total devotion.

You have an imaginative and flighty mind that rediscovers life’s miracles every day.

You feel and understand things deeply but have the unique ability not to show your emotions. It’s not that you repress them, it’s just that displaying them is a foreign concept to you. Emotion-phobic men are in awe of your power.

Your place in the community and your ability to control your own destiny are extremely important to you. You should never settle for a mate that does not also value the same.

Your quirky nature makes you far more interesting than most signs of the Zodiac. No one will ever really figure you out and this is fine with you because you are simply not simple.

Even though you are quietly and confidently complicated, you are no high-maintenance woman. You love his company but his absence never slows down your celebration.

You enjoy the social scene and everyone enjoys you so don’t be shy and stay at home. You love your good causes as much as a good party and should always do both.

The Aquarius woman is so many things to so many people but she is neither hotly passionate nor sweetly romance. Your sex life is fun for both you and your man but it will never take center stage.

And Aquarius dear, while all these qualities are rightfully yours, the universe gave you something else that makes you the Aquarius Goddess.

Your True Goddess Power

Of all your fabulous qualities, your sense of friendship is your power source. You simply cannot love or even really like someone until you form a solid rapport. This isn’t a problem because you almost always like someone the instant that you meet them. Even when you have a disagreement or complete falling out with another, you remember the good times and welcome them back into your life.

Never underestimate this awesome power and please do spread it around. The world is often a hostile place where people make more enemies than friends. You are here to ensure that friendship over hatred prevails on this planet and it simply cannot get enough of your wonderous Goddess blessings.

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