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How Aquarian Energy Affects our Bodies

An important new way of viewing ourselves during January and February is to think of our bodies not only as tissues, bones and muscles but as interactive, circulating fields of electromagnetic energy. (I know that’s a new paradigm, but the reality is it’s true. We ARE fields of electromagnetic energy continually interacting, penetrating, refining and growing with other fields of energy. This is the process of evolution.) We have two primary electrical systems in our bodies; the low biological frequency nervous system (brain, neurons, nerves) and the higher biological frequency electromagnetic system (mind, aura, chi, prana).

Astrologically, the constellation Aquarius, working with the planet Uranus, represents all things electrical in nature. Planets and asteroids step down and stream forth the energies of each sign they enter. Therefore, during these thirty days electrical energies from Aquarius will fall to Earth. The result will be an interaction between Aquarius and the electrical systems of our bodies.

Energy vibrates at differing rates of frequency and the energy available to us at this time is of a higher frequency than we are used to. It is therefore important that we know how to physically, emotionally and mentally integrate these different frequency into our lives. The following are suggestions on how to best handle the incoming energies:

Physical: drink pure liquids and eat whole organic foods that soothe the nervous system and calm the mind. A low starch diet is recommended since a high starch diet robs oxygen from our body. During this time it will be important to conserve oxygen so the body can work at peak efficiency physiologically (cell respiration, digestion, etc.). Daily stretching and regular physical exercise, such as yoga, walking, swimming and gardening help distribute and balance the intensity of the incoming energies and enhance our electrical capacity. Walk on the grass barefooted, be in nature and near water.

Emotional: cultivate the practice of divine impersonality and harmlessness of thought and speech in all relationships. Search for an avenue of selfless service for service increases the reception of high frequency energies, distributing them to our centers (chakras) and glands of our bodies.

Mental: activating ideas and cultivating creativity will help assimilate the Aquarian energy. Music, poetry, writing, gardening are creative art forms. Participating in these activities provides beauty which protects the nervous system, improves our sense of well-being and calms the spirit.

Nervous System Over-Stimulation

It is possible that our nervous system will experience an excess inflow of electrical energy during this time. If our bodies are unable to assimilate and utilize the incoming energies our nervous system and electromagnetic field may become over-stimulated. Some common signs of excess energy are: sleeplessness, indigestion, irritability, nervousness, anger, impatience, lack of concentration, a continuous change in plans, fear, and depression. The ankles and calves (ruled by Aquarius) may be vulnerable at this time and cramping (Uranus) may result, along with headaches and periodic spasms (Uranus) in the body.

Nourishing the Nervous System

Vitamins, minerals, herbs, flower remedies and homeopathics are additional healing modalities that address the physical, mental, emotional and etheric levels of the body. Vitamin B complex works with the nervous system, muscle tone and digestion. Calcium and magnesium taken together are needed for healthy nerve function. Herbs to relieve symptoms of over-stimulation are Juniper, Yarrow and Valerian. The Bach Flower Remedies of Rock Rose and Walnut and the homeopaths Natrum Mur (Aquarius), Aconitum Napellus, Belladonna and Mag Phos (all for Uranus) can be used to calm the body and nervous system.

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