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Aquarius Horse Personality

At worst, the Horse Aquarius is an irritable crank, but you’re rarely at your worst, so don’t worry too much about those tendencies. Instead, concentrate on the positive, which is that at your best, you are a dazzling, extravagant eccentric with one ear cocked for what the future has to tell you.

Bold leaps of intuition that transcend mere logic are your Aquarian specialty.

You have a calculated disdain for things of the material world, and your goals are far loftier than the mere accumulation of wealth.

Any potential significant others will have to take your Horsy high-mindedness and impracticality into account, as they will be unable to change you no matter how hard they may try — a true lover won’t even try very hard.

But you may have to go though a few disappointments before you can find one who’ll be able to keep up with you every step of the way.

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