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Aquarius Jealousy

Aquarius Jealousy

Aquarius attitude toward jealousy

So you’re dating an Aquarius? Great!

Keep an open mind.

Uranus-ruled Aquarius is the third air sign of the zodiac, and is also known as the Water Bearer. Aquarians born on the cusp of Capricorn may be more down-to-earth than the typical Aquarius, and Aquarians born on the cusp of Pisces may be more emotional and sensitive.

Aquarians are a broad-minded lot. Being an air sign, they tend to be quite imaginative and intuitive. Aquarius is considered a progressive-minded sign, ready to move into and embrace the future. They’re considered to be the humanitarians of the zodiac.

The Water Bearer is very much his or her own person, and they know their own mind. Don’t try to pin them down to one thing. They’re predictably unpredictable, original, and even a tad eccentric. When their focus is on the here and now, they can be very friendly and helpful people, and really, they just want the best for everyone.

They’re known for their quick minds and are very inquisitive and curious. In fact, they enjoy using logic and their sharp senses in order to play amateur sleuth. If you’ve got a puzzling problem, talk to an Aquarius. They’ll love the mental challenge, if they can spare the time away from their many charities and helpful projects.

Aquarians hate to feel trapped or tied down. They’re very independent and freedom-loving, and can be touchy when feeling shackled.

Although they may seem a bit scatterbrained (probably just trying to think of too many things at once!), they can be quite opinionated, and even a bit tactless.

A typical Aquarius enjoys the partnership of a relationship. They’re not overly emotional, and can even seem distant and detached. It doesn’t mean that they don’t care. They just tend to have a lot of irons in the fire at any given time, so romance doesn’t take top priority with them. Overall, they tend to be loyal and faithful mates, as long as there is more to the relationship than just a romantic connection.

Aquarians rarely get jealous. It’s not their thing. Chances are, they won’t notice if their mate is flirting or even stepping out. If they do, they’ll just float away and do other things. One thing that can easily drive a Water Bearer away is a possessive, jealous mate. They just don’t see the point in it.

Air sign Aquarius is generally most compatible with the other air signs, Gemini and Libra. These relationships are definitely a meeting of the minds. Libra’s social charm and graces may help smooth over some of Aquarius’s social rough spots, and adventurous Gemini will help them have more fun with life.

Aquarius is also compatible with outgoing, intellectual fire sign Sagittarius, and fire sign Aries. However, the Ram’s temper and passionate nature may irritate Aquarius. They can be comfortable with earthy Capricorn, and may enjoy the soothing, affectionate water sign Pisces.

Moody water sign Cancer may be too possessive for Aquarius, and earthy Virgo’s stick-in-the-mud ways may drag Aquarius down.

Fiery Leo may shine a bit too brightly for the Water Bearer. Secretive, intense water sign Scorpio will find Aquarius’s elusiveness and love of open freedom frustrating. Both signs can be very dominant, and Aquarians hate it when people try to dominate them. Earthy Taurus may crave more security and comfort than the open-minded Aquarius needs.

With an Aquarius around, be prepared to talk about anything and everything, and to be surrounded by interesting people and things. Aquarians may be many things, but they’re rarely boring.

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