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Aquarius July 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our July 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Aquarius Zodiac Sign!

Aquarius July Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

Keeping promises and being discreet is very important in July 2016. You have to know when the truth is actually not what is needed, and you must respect the deeper issues at stake.

You may have to be rather controlled and disciplined in July 2016, and getting what you want will need some sacrifice and hard work – you may have to forgo something you really would love to buy in order to save money, or perhaps you will need to pass up an opportunity to socialize in order to put in more work at the office. Finances will tend to dictate your life somewhat in July 2016, but you need to stay focused on the goal as you can make some excellent progress workwise.

You are taking obligations and responsibility very seriously right now, in fact, you are in a rather serious and single-minded frame of mind, which is a very good thing as you can achieve and impress others. You may find yourself in control of funds, i.e. a trust fund, estate, as a treasurer or as a purser. You may have to become an expert in some aspect of the law in July 2016 in order to resolve an issue at work or a domestic one – your own research and ability to find nuggets of important detail within swathes of rubbish can be critical.

July 2016 Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope

In July 2016, events at work will impact on your marriage or relationship – it may be a new position leads to more hours or that your new job involves more travel away from home. Study or coursework to do with a promotion may also eat into your private time. Adjustments to your personal life will happen due to work or career, but they can be positive as well in the longer terms, and you need to focus on these.

Loyalty and being able to count on the support of your partner is vital to you – the more he/she understands your needs and stresses, the better the relationship will be. However, if your partner is unwilling to be cooperative and understanding, this can lead to frostiness in the bedroom and long periods of silence.

In July 2016 is a challenge in terms of how you both communicate and express yourselves emotionally – strong relationships will come through, and you will feel even closer, while shaky relationships with no depth of feeling or mutual compassion will suffer.

July 2016 will test your commitment and how much you both care. July will test whether you can work as a team or whether you are both selfish and in it for the good times only.

New relationships that are based on superficial feelings will flounder right now while relationships with potential will become more committed.

Aquarius Career Horoscope July 2016

If you work in partnership, you may find the relationship with your partner/s strained and difficult, especially due to creative differences or disagreements on how to allocate resources. It will take both diplomacy and some tongue biting to smooth things over, and you will have to be highly flexible in terms of how you work in July 2016.

You may also find the work ethic of those you work with disappointing, and you may find that you are picking up the pieces and doing extra work due to their indifference. You need to find ways of motivating them without coming across as a taskmaster. Politics within your firm or industry or career can be very annoying and even offensive to your strong principles and sense of equality – it is best not to rock the boat in the short run as you may have more scope to change things later this year.

Corporate finances, tax and insurances are the key areas in which you may experience frustration and some disagreement in July 2016 – these issues may hold up progress towards goals you have set, and you may have to hire an expert to help you to understand the facts and rules better. Do not under any circumstances be tempted to exaggerate an insurance claim – be cautious with submission of paperwork.

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