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Aquarius July 2020 Horoscope

Aquarius July 2020 Horoscope Monthly Overview

The Aquarius astrology forecasts for July 2020 show that you’re in love, in motion or in a great space for the first ten days of July. You’re too ready to stand in line for anything. Those who depend on you aren’t about to challenge your decisions. On the 4th and 5th you’re an unexpected winner or accidental hero.

By the 9th you’re aware of shortages for the less fortunate, but the tide of your personal fortune doesn’t ebb until the 11th, when you have to slow down your motion. It shouldn’t hurt, but it takes some getting used to.

From the 13th to 15th it’s all about sharing with loved ones, although between the 16th and 22nd of July 2020 you learn a few lessons about taking the bad with the good. You still have to deal with problems that are clearly another person’s fault.

Somewhere around the 19th you have to explain a guilty pleasure to one who just doesn’t get it. Switch allegiances on the 23rd. The 25th proves that you’re not yet off the hook, although you’re better positioned to justify your actions. Fortune smiles again by the 28th. Aquarius, you’re delighted to end the month on one of your famous winning streaks.

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July 2020 Love Horoscope & Relationships Forecasts Aquarius

The Aquarius 2020 July monthly predictions suggest that romance keeps you busy and happy during the first ten days of July. You’re fulfilling promises and having adventures. You’d both like to believe that you’re blurring the lines between self and other on the 4th and 5th. The game enters a different phase on the 11th when distance or disturbance drives its wedge into this closeness. But watch the heat come back up on the 13th, whether you’re with the same person or are starting out with somebody new. From the 16th to 22nd, something big rears its head. Lighthearted relationships don’t have to get deep if they’re easier this way.

The 23rd kicks off a weekend of mixed signals and self-questioning. Aquarius, if love defines who you are, is love what you’re currently feeling? By the 28th of July 2020, hard questions like these are either answerable or irrelevant. Logic and balance find their own way when you’re with that special someone.

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Aquarius Career July 2020 Horoscope

The July 2020 Horoscope for Aquarius zodiac sign shows that you enter July strong and confident. For the first ten days you’re in merger and acquisition mode, whatever that means to you on a personal level. Others might slow down or drift away for the long holiday weekend, but the 4th and 5th are your hot spot. Even if you don’t work those days, the effect spills over into the following week. The 6th and 7th bring reorganization on your terms. By the 9th you win the client’s heart or the customer’s dollars. Still, your commitment matters more than any possible return on the 11th or 12th. Ignoring the bottom line those days will make the praise and loyalty that much sweeter from the 13th through 15th. Media quotes and industry awards strengthen your position.

Aquarius, you’ll need that strength between the 16th and 22nd when a newcomer misunderstands your program or an upper management crisis rocks the whole boat. By the 23rd you’re ready to cut loose, whatever others think of your passion for the job. When outsiders breach an NDA or pierce a corporate veil after the 25th, it’s a blessing in disguise. From the 28th of July 2020 onward, you’re exactly where you need to be as the stars rearrange the deck.

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2020 July Health & Fitness Astrology Predictions For The Water Bearer

The July 2020 Aquarius horoscope predicts that on July 1st and 2nd, Aquarius should limit exertion to gentle pushing or pulling. After this, you can relax focus and use more force. The 6th and 7th find you fidgety with suppressed energy. Your feet walk around the block but your mind is racing. On the 8th you boldly face the cost of important classes or equipment or the effort to reach a particular fitness goal. From the 13th to 15th, intention meets reality. Runners’ feet hardly touch the ground. Teams surge into the lead with unheard-of success. After fierce competition the better contestant wins on the 19th, and it has to be you.

Aquarius, catch your breath until late on the 22nd when a hunger for mental exercise guides your physical behavior. As you move chess pieces across the board, your fingers feel the game’s power. Between the 25th and 30th of July 2020, someone distracts you from your desired rhythm. Lovers, friends or associates have other ideas about what you should be doing, which isn’t what you’d rather do. Inconvenience only makes you stronger. By the time the Moon reaches Libra, you’re more eager than ever to do what feels best for your body.

Overall, the Aquarius July 2020 horoscope shows that

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