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Aquarius In Karmic Astrology

Aquarius To use the resources of groups and societies to enhance individual expression, opportunities, and happiness.

You’re aiming for win-win solutions. There is the Mind, there is the Group Mind, and there is the Divine Mind; what should be the chain of command? You’re attuned to the gift of self-determination; don’t forget the First Cause. Remember, a paradigm, like a security fence, can keep away potential vandals but may also bar potential friends. Once you’ve made up your mind, allow for a later revision…just in case.

“As you strive to free others, remember to free yourself periodically.”

This is the new age person from the Atlantean culture, the inventor, the person who heals with light. Uranus is also important here and if Uranus is conjunct or prominent then this person will have an aura of light and electric energy not to be believed. A true humanitarian on a mission to teach and communicate in a higher consciousness to all.

The computer is a Uranian function, as is telepathy, light healing, Aquarians need to learn grounding methods to ground their otherworldliness. They also need to keep their blood oxygenated and eat live foods so as to keep the oxygen level up in their circulatory system.

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