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The Aquarius Man

Let’s say that Aquarius is certainly the most unconventional man of the zodiac. He is a brilliant man, with a smart and efficient mind, very interested in the unknown and always very open to every opportunity. His mind is inclined to broaden its horizons and then, he is more interested in what happens beyond than in what is happening around him. He is bound to an ideal and not to the real.

The Aquarius man is very communicative: he is certainly very good at communicating, in trying to explain what he has perceived with his sensitive antennae tuned to the space and to what can arrive from the ether. He is a man with a strong ability to dream up and abstract, mediate between the great differences of human beings; very attractive for his unconventional and original way of thinking, to such an extent that he seems different and transgressive.

The Aquarius man is also far from certain characteristics that are traditionally thought to be typical of “men”; this does not mean that this sign is not so masculine, but certainly they embody a different way of expressing “masculinity”, which is very mental and not physical at all.

The Aquarius man is completely focused on the “spirit”, on what Zeus defined as “logos”, which was not connected to the expression of the typical virility of the solar-Martian mentality, but it is a powerful quality of “the mind” which, in a certain sense, brings him closer to God and to his ability to enter the higher mind.

In fact the Aquarius man is the one that more than others represents the “sin of hybris”, just because he feels superior and closer to the sky than to the Earth.

Together with these fantastic traits, he has also a series of powerful contradictions, first of all living on Earth and being a human and, even though he has a privileged contact with his divine side, he cannot underestimate his material part, he can only transcend it, but not deny it.

However, the conquest of this characteristic of Zeus is much more ambivalent than expected because the king of the gods is really not so inclined to freely give the “fire” to humans and so, the Aquarian hero, the Titan Prometheus, a typically earthly creature, must each time steal it and personally pay for this strongly evolutionary act.

This detail is present in all myths that represent both the birth of the conscience and the possibility for mankind to participate in the divine by taking it inside; these myths mark the difficulty and the risk that man shoulders as he carries out a transgressive act by stealing something that belongs to the community and the gods.

Our hero often fights an inner battle when he realises that his “super mind” is not enough to control the emotions and the instincts that prevent him from forgetting his animal origin.

Generally, we can see all that when the man of the sign tries to explain in a detached and cold way, using his pure rationality, topics like sexuality, aggressiveness and attachment, recognising them as secondary needs, something he is ideally convinced he does not need and that are sacrificed in the process of civilisation and elevation of the conscience. In fact, he ignores these features and, when he does not manage to be detached as he would wish, he parts from them, making a clear cut with whomever he experiences these aspects with.

Of course, the Aquarius man and the Aquarian characters like Prometheus all seem to remind us that it is the male part that strives for culture and the search of one’s spiritual side and, in the natives, this internal archetype is expressed with particular intensity forcing them to rise above their animal and instinctive qualities.

This strong inner push is very visible in the Aquarius man, who often feels this impulse and tries, at least on a theoretical level, to favour the growth of the conscience, doing his best to ensure communication and dialogue with the rest of the universe and between human beings, creating the possibility of keeping tolerance alive through justice and a real sense of sharing.

Therefore, the Aquarius man hates violence, which always causes regression; he hates the rough side of sexuality, which drives people to unethical compulsions; he hates emotions, which often trap and twist thoughts without leaving them free to vibrate on higher frequencies.

The internal fight is nevertheless very strong because his material side often seems to make him pay a high price, the same that Prometheus paid after infringing Zeus’s order.

In fact, the Aquarius man strongly feels the social drive but he considers it a clamp on his personal and individual sphere; inside him, the fight between the matter and the spirit is triggered off, at least until they join up again.

Of course, in the eyes of those attached to traditional values, the Aquarius man seems a real extraterrestrial: rational, communicative, not instinctive, far from aggressiveness, strongly mental and tied to ideals that can seem completely detached from reality, focused on his personal freedom and on the need for truth and genuineness, also at the cost of appearing inconsistent to the outside world.

He is capable of genuine feelings but not passions: it is the sign that, par excellence, clashes with the most passionate ones; he can let go of what is no longer in line with necessary changes and can be so detached that he can exchange views with anyone, sure that he can find common ground; he loves freedom and tries not to create dependence and not to be dependent.

The dark side often lies in the power: the Aquarius man deludes himself that he is not interested in it; actually, just the fact that he faces up to Leo and squares Scorpio indicates that he has incorporated it and it must be used in a positive way and not for personal purposes.

The Aquarius man deeply experiences the conflict between the use of power for personal purposes, which is condemned by his own conscience, and the feeling he is losing himself when he expresses himself on a social level; practically, it is as if inside him the contradiction between the human and the divine “clashed”; both must sacrifice something and here is the drama of Prometheus whose liver is eaten every night and the following day it grows again in a kind of tragic and eternal fight.

In fact, in this sign, the social and collective growth clashes with the personal growth and, conversely, he feels guilty when he does something for himself because he feels it is incompatible with the “collective” sense.

The Aquarius man embodies the sense of violation of an ancient taboo that has to do with “becoming like God” which is a desired process but at the same time punished by the divinity itself.

Jung explains this clearly when he says that each act of individual consciousness has to do with stealing something from the collective unconscious (it is the fire that Prometheus steals from the gods). In this act, men undergo a great transformation that makes them less and less human and more and more similar to the gods.

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