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Aquarius Manipulation Potential

Aquarius Manipulation Potential

The Aquarius sign of the zodiac represents an intellectually distinct individual. These quaint people are essentially freedom lovers.

The Aquarius astrological sign is thus represented by the water bearer, capable of being truly assertive their lifes endeavors. They take many kinds of adventure, even on a daily basis. The destination is not that relevant. The main thing is that these guys and gals experience life on a personal level, actively and directly. This gives them power, knowledge, and clarity.

People such as friends, coworkers, and employers, may be able to manipulate these signs and thus inhibit their overall potentials in life. One possibility is if at work, someone were to give them a very boring task to complete over a long period of time, such as a longitudinal study in psychology terms. This is done over months, possible, in which case an Aquarius would either lose his of her focus eventually.

Since fellow Aquarius individuals thrive in individuality and eccentric behaviors, a monotonous task or routine like schedule creates boredom and emptiness to these lively folks. They are not accustomed to following guidelines all too well. In essence, they would feel trapped in a corner inside their minds, because their signs require freedom of the physical sense as well as the emotional and mental sense.

Since the general Aquarius person is able to become detached and even depressed when given this sort of assignment, it could be terrible for their well being. They would feel as though they are not putting all of their possible effort into their responsibility as a career.

These people desire to take on responsibility for their lives. In this case, they may not reach their true full potential to be overall happy and satisfied. Another weakness of the Aquarius that would ultimately put them at a position to be susceptible for manipulation of their overall potential regards their sense of emotional aloofness.

This impassive character makes it very hard to deal with, as they become unpredictable and moody. To alleviate this tension and guarded behavior, it would be in the Aquarius best interest if they could take time off to really find themselves.

People do not have to limit their potentialities if they won’t let them. They could take up yoga, biking, hiking, or anything else that excites them. Don’t lose your vivacious characteristics. If your friends are causing you discomfort in terms of manipulating you with extremely tedious things, actively speak up and let them know you do not appreciate this. If keep it up, find some new, true friends.

For an Aquarius to feel fulfilled and happy in life, they need to be given assignments and friendships that effervescently excite them enough and in addition, something that they can sink their teeth into. Then, they will be useful, feel empowered, and not be manipulated. This would essentially require them to quit their jobs if the employers are really inhibiting the Aquarius ultimate innate potential.

Aquarius should be aware of this possible manipulation potential, stay vigilant, and not lose sight of who they truly are.

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