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Aquarius March 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our March 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Aquarius Zodiac Sign!Aquarius March 2016 Horoscope

Aquarius March 2016 Horoscope – Overview

The Aquarius March 2016 Horoscope shows that the urge to be extravagant and to buy things which make you feel good is high right now, and yes, we all love some retail therapy, and what is wrong with enjoying yourself? However, make sure what you do spend on really does make you happy, and it is not a quick fix or a rush that leaves you feeling empty and unfulfilled later. You are after quick fixes in March 2016, but you really do need to look inside and think about what you need for longer term satisfaction.

Aquarians are plagued in the early stages of this year with a need to prove themselves in ways that are not ultimately very nourishing: so what if everyone thinks you have a cool car or a designer label? When you are alone, do those same things that give you kudos make you happy? The things that make others happy and which other people value are not often the things which make the Aquarian happy – you are a maverick who must live to your own unique set of rules and values, things which make live valuable for you. So, be extravagant and spoil yourself in March 2016 by all means, but make sure you do it your way and on your own terms.

The solar eclipse in March 2016 can bring you a sense of self-belief and inner strength that will enable you to feel secure no matter what your financial outlook or stage of life. A sense of ‘I can’ and ‘I will thrive and survive’ is very strong right now, and that will propel you on with confidence. There is an ability within you right now to renew yourself at a very deep level.

Aquarius March 2016 Monthly Love Horoscope

Aquarius, there is a strong sense of rediscovery in March 2016 – it is as if you have found yourself and reconnected with your core values and needs. This can make you an awesome partner to be with as you are radiating a glow of self-assurance. Other people respond to strength – nothing wishy-washy inspires or motivates – your strength of mind and soul is good to be around.

It may well be that a new relationship or something that you are doing to help your partner has actually reawakened a part of you and has brought you a sense of purpose again.

We are so programmed in life to go after what we want, to be independent and to strive selfishly towards goals, that often the joy of being there for someone else or forgoing something so someone else can benefit is lost. Aquarius, in March 2016 you can find happiness in being happy for your partner and in being a cheerleader for him/her rather than just being about you.

March of 2016 is also an excellent month for couples with shared goals who work as a team. If you do not have shared goals, maybe that is what you are missing – find things to strive for as a couple and set targets: lose weight, save money, get fitter, take up a hobby, but do so together.

Aquarius Career Horoscope March 2016

The Aquarius March 2016 Horoscope for Career shows that if you have been struggling in your own business, this could be a turnabout month when things get better financially. There is a strong focus on resources, and if you run your own business or department, you need a root and branch review of how resources are allocated and used. It may be time to free up resources and outsource; maybe the wrong people are doing the wrong jobs and changing them about could improve efficiency. Look closely at your costs and also at how productive your assets are. Aquarius, get rid of old cars or old machines that cost more to run and repair than new ones; perhaps lease instead of buying assets. Look at your assets and think about how to get more from them.

Ego and financial status or material wealth are very much connected in March 2016, and you do not want to make a bad financial decision because your ego got in the way – which is why caution is needed as some decisions may be ego not fact driven.

In careers where you work in a job, think about skills you have which you are not using and try and get your employer to give you more work in the fields you are best at or trained in. Speak to your HR department about moving within your company or look for roles where you are freer to use your initiative.

March 2016 is a very positive money month for Aquarius, and you may find a lucrative second income stream from something you can do on weekends or evening – perhaps it is a hobby or language skill you have which others want and will pay for.


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