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Becoming An Aquarius

The Sun is in the sign of AQUARIUS this month. Those of us who were born between January 20 and February 18th have a Sun Sign of Aquarius.. Our keyword is I REBEL


If you’re an Aquarius Sun, your mission in this lifetime is to be open to new ideas and experiences, and share your vision with others. If you’re hiding out because you think you’re too different to fit in anywhere, it’s time to change that thinking! Share your vision with others to help improve the world – that’s what you’re learning in this lifetime – that you have valuable and unique contributions to make!

Any time you catch yourself saying, my ideas and approaches aren’t any better than anyone else’s, tell yourself that you’re a UNIQUE and EXTRAORDINARY person! That’s the whole point of being an Aquarius in this lifetime – to feel and be totally free and alive, free to be you!

As an Aquarian, you’re supposed to be unconventional and marching to the tune of a different drummer – don’t just do things the way they’ve always been done!!! Sometimes you feel discontented and unfulfilled emotionally – that’s your signal that it’s time for do some experimenting, and that’s what Aquarians are best at!

You need to make your own path, and make it one that works for you! Choose a lifestyle, job, and work that gives you lots of freedom and room to breathe. You need lots of personal space and freedom, you’re not big on commitments, and you definitely value freedom more than security!

Try once in a while to admit that you actually need other people – your inclination is to go your own way and guard your freedom so tightly that you don’t let anyone in to your private world! There are lots of like-minded people around – maybe you need to explore some alternative groups or organizations and find those people who share your need to improve the world and help others!


During this astrological month, January 20 and February 18th, of course all Aquarius Sun Signs celebrate their birthdays, and the rest of us join them in celebrating our need to rebel and get away from traditional stereotypes and rules – that’s what Aquarius is all about! And we join them in seeking to find our own uniqueness, to tap into the unconventional break-rules part of us, which is of course the major lesson for anyone with an Aquarius Sun Sign.

Even those of us who are NOT Aquarius Sun Signs can celebrate Aquarius energy this month! That’s the kind of energy the universe is providing for us this month. From January 20 to February 18th this year and every year, we have a chance to tune into our need tapping into our own uniqueness, learning to find our own strength rather than just rebelling for its own sake.

  • We have a chance to question whether we feel authentic in our choices, our lifestyle, our work, and our lovelife.
  • Have we settled for less than we deserve?
  • Do we allow ourselves to be emotionally close to others or do we allow our fear of dependency to keep us apart from others?
  • How do we detach ourselves from others, even those we are close to, and why?

For some of us who express more negative Aquarius this month, we may find ourselves rebelling just for the sake of rebelling. Why won’t we follow the rules? Because we don’t FEEL like it, that’s why!!! All signs, Aquarius included, have positives and negatives! But if you’ve got an Aquarian in your life, keep in mind that he or she needs to feel like they’re free. Take some time to talk with your Aquarian – let him or her tell you their latest new idea. And let them know that you value their ideas and uniqueness!


Real astrology is not about “What’s going to happen to me?” It’s about “How can I best use the energy that’s coming at me?” And the energy that’s coming at you during this Aquarian month is encouraging you to open your mind to new ideas, and breathe some fresh life into your goals and lifestyle.

  • Where are you too traditional?
  • What ruts do you need to get out of?
  • Do you share your vision and ideas with others to help change your community, and your world?
  • Do I feel alive, really alive?
  • What do I do to help other people, to change the world I live in?
  • Are there groups I could join that would value my input?
  • Are there like-minded people I could network with?
  • Do I deliberately hold back from creating change, and if so, why?
  • Am I so caught up in my own self that I really don’t want to help others?
  • What’s the last new thing I’ve read, what’s the last new idea I’ve let excite me?
  • Are there ideas I’m excited about, or has my life gotten boring and routine?
  • Would I feel like life has more meaning if I worked to change some of the things I don’t like?
  • Who are my friends, and why have I chosen them as friends?
  • Do they encourage me to stretch myself, move out of my comfort zone and explore new things?
  • Do I let myself take risks or have I stagnated in some areas of my life?
  • Am I willing to take some risks?
  • If I feel bound by convention rather than letting myself be unconventional, why can’t I let myself break the rules?

This is the month to answer those questions for yourself, regardless of what your Sun Sign is!! Next month we’ll ask ourselves Pisces questions about our need to escape, to self-nurture, and to feel connected to the universe.

Do you want to ask yourself even tougher questions this month?

Take a look at your birth horoscope, and check out which of your twelve life areas is your AQUARIUS area. In which area are YOU needing to take some risks, be open, be unconventional?

Is it with your finances? (2nd house) With your friends? (11th house)

ALL of us have Aquarius energy somewhere in our charts, and in our lives. We all have each of the 12 astrological signs somewhere! That’s why an astrology chart is divided into TWELVE areas!!

The house or astrological area where YOU have Aquarius is the area of your life where you need to take some risks and be unconventional. If you don’t know where Aquarius is in YOUR chart, please calculate your horoscope!

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