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Aquarius November 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our November 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Aquarius Zodiac Sign!

Aquarius November Horoscope 2016- Overview

You will do your best to avoid conflict in November 2016 although you may still end up finding yourself in the middle of it. You will have to defend your ideas and goals against doubters. The problem for Aquarius right now is that you are open to having your actions influenced by others – other people can undermine your confidence or plans by being critical and pouring cold water on your ambitions – so the challenge is to distinguish constructive criticism from pure negativity. You need to surround yourself with upbeat and positive pro-active people as negative toxic people can drain you more than usual, and their attitude may bring you down.

In November 2016, you are most motivated when pursuing goals that are close to your heart – you need to be emotionally involved in what you are doing or else you may go on tangents and lose concentration. It is a wonderful month to achieve in creative arts and in putting together entertainment events.

Hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming can be useful devices for you to kick habits, get more motivated and overcome fear.

Aquarius November 2016 Love Horoscope

November 2016 is a very mature and sensible month for relationships where you work well together and where respect and concern reign supreme. Things are consistent in relationships now, and while there may be less passion, there is a pleasant and warm feeling of togetherness. This is a very good time for those couples who work together within their career, and it is also a great time for couples to embark on projects together.

There is a strong sense of realism and perspective in your love life which will help you to make good decisions about the things that affect you both. You may both decide you need to get away from it all, and you may take off to a quiet log cabin, a place by the sea or something more exotic. There is a sense of you needing escapism and a chance to have almost a second honeymoon, just you two together remembering what it was like to fall in love. Unlike a honeymoon, this time it is more about friendship and being able to enjoy each other with no distractions.

New relationships are also going very well in November 2016, especially relationships with large age gaps or long distance relationships. If you have just begun a relationship, a trip away together may really cement things.

Aquarius Career Horoscope November 2016

Dear Aquarius, November 2016 is an excellent month for creative expression which involves movement, i.e. dance, mime, acrobatics and also for photography and cinematography – you have the ability to capture an idea or state of mind via the moving body or sets of images.

Actors, musicians, artists and those who work in the various support roles to theatre and film will have plenty of work. It is vital that those in creative fields promote themselves effectively via traditional media, social media and the grapevine as you have the potential to get seen and noticed right now, but you must have all the feelers out.

In November 2016, think more about how you deliver speeches: the tone, style and rhythm are all important – read up about speech making and watch good speechmakers in action. You need to refine your way of communicating to be more effective and to have a dramatic effect – your content is excellent, but you need to be more creative about how you put information across.

November 2016 is very important for those who deal in international trade/import, especially if you import clothing, consumer goods, fabric or cosmetics – it is important to have your sales projections right as you need to be well-stocked.

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