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Aquarius October 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our October 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Aquarius Zodiac Sign!

Aquarius October Horoscope 2016- Overview

October 2016 is very much a university of life graduation month – you will learn something very important regardless of whether it is at university, school or within the course of everyday life. You may actually be overwhelmed with information, or information you do receive can knock you sideways as it was not what you had assumed or anticipated.

Your beliefs will also be tested: it is not so much practicing what you preach, but believing your own dogma i.e. if you are teaching your children about religion, but you have doubts yourself, you will not be able to make them believe. If you are teaching students a certain technique or method and you do not believe it yourself, they will pick up on that distrust you have and will not be successful with that method. It’s not just about what you say and what you do – you have to really believe in it 100% to sell it to others.

You have to grapple with some self-doubt in October 2016 – you really need to give yourself a thorough pep talk and clamp down any negative voices in your head. Life always tests our level of self-belief and a dip in self-confidence is a good opportunity to focus on positives – write the positive and negatives down and take practical steps to get on top of those negatives.

Aquarius October 2016 Love Horoscope

A lover or someone you meet romantically may have a very powerful effect on you in a way that you act quite out of character. You may find you argue passionately with this person, and you disagree about everything, yet they intrigue you and almost have a spell over you. This kind of romance can be intoxicating and exciting for an Aquarian, and it can be rather successful in the short term – in the long term you may find you have more in common that you thought.

Arguments over the joint bank account or your debt may pepper marriages, and it is best to be honest – do not hide the bank statement, just admit you purchased those shoes or that golf club. This is also a time of disagreement regarding the rules and boundaries you set for your children. It may be hard to compromise as you may have ideologically different views – perhaps you can come up with a mixed approach incorporating both your views.

You are feeling passionate in October 2016, and that passion can translate into great sex or arguments as you are seeing things as black or white with no in-between. Your ego is the problem – it is the ego causing the arguments, so get your ego in check and “get down and make love!”

Aquarius Career Horoscope October 2016

Aquarius, this October 2016 it is very much trying to see the wood for the trees and not becoming so bogged down in detail that you lose sight of the bigger picture and the end goal. You need to trust your intuition, and you also need to have a measure of faith (be it faith in the universe, God or yourself) that you will make the right moves at the right time as it is just impossible to decide on logic and facts only. You may just have to go with something that doesn’t really make sense but which feels right.

This is also a time where the more you look at something or research something, the more complicated it seems to get – perhaps you can only grasp it on an intuitive level. You also have to learn when to switch off and move on from things that are frustrating you.

Sweeping changes can happen right now within your business which can be very beneficial in terms of your financial situation and the way you work – it may be that a loan is approved or that a new tax break enables you to invest and expand.

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