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Aquarius On Eight House Cusp

Aquarius On Eight House Cusp

Aquarius in 8th House – Aquarius on the cusp of the Eighth House

Your individual self-expression is likely supported by or encouraged through the contributions and resources of others via groups or social causes. You likely find yourself gaining sponsorships or support easily from others, or you are the beneficiary of collective resources of some sort.

There is definitely a group or team focus in matters of financial, material, and physical resources you share with others. You may be the financial manager or CFO for a company, corporation, or organization…or you may simply be somebody who raises a lot of money for one.

You may find that you have a lot of ideas about how to use technology to generate financial, material, and/or physical capital for a humanitarian cause or organization, and this may give you a great deal of power within the group or team you are part of in this regard.

Be careful not to let the group you are part of take power or control over you or your life. With this placement, it is easy to allow yourself to live vicariously through the people or organizations you represent or work with or for.

Again, Aquarius in 8th House is a very favorable location for the sign of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, involved in Metaphysics, Astrology, the Search for Truth. Here the Aquarian would undoubtedly spend the majority of his life emphasizing truth, seeking knowledge, seeking the mysteries of life, the ‘why’ of life, trying to find the answers to questions of where we came from, why are we here, what should we be doing, and where should we be going. And, of course, this would be a theoretical approach on the part of the Aquarian, who could soar to the highest realms of mental activity, yet would attempt to apply it in a practical way to life. It is similar to believing in the theory of evolution – the Aquarian is interested in the roots of a tree, not in the branches waving in the air above.

In this location of Aquarius, you would find a tendency to associate with groups and align oneself with group activities, but always involved with some theoretical approach to knowledge. Aquarius On Eight House Cusp can see the integration of all things, the interdependence of all disciplines and the interrelationships of all levels of life. They do have to watch a tendency to narrowness, exploring only those things which support them in their own self-propose. The Aquarian would have the highest possible ideals and values, but must be careful and not be too extreme, not realizing that the ideals and values must manifest in the physical/ material world. It is in this area that the Aquarian could be not quite of the world; in it, but not of it.

The eighth house is the house of the end of things, not only the end of life, but how we end things, a relationship, a friendship, a job, a project. In this the Aquarian is interested in the work that is being done, the goals ahead, and really isn’t that much interested in the final results, so much as the traveling from the beginning of the idea to the end, but the end really doesn’t concern the Aquarian that much.

There seems to the two sides to the Aquarian coin, the one of construction, through new ideas and innovative ideas, and the other side, destruction, through the destroying of established conventions. This destruction can be considered creative and a part of the search for a more universally applicable understanding of life, and as such it is a kind of ending and a regenerative force that will allow the new to be built. The quality in Aquarius on the cusp of the Eighth House is that the Aquarian, shall we say, in a search for truth, would start many things, be vitally interested in working them all out, but act more in the spirit of creation, than regeneration.

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