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Aquarius On Eleventh House Cusp

Aquarius On Eleventh House Cusp

Aquarius in 11th House – Aquarius on the cusp of the Eleventh House

You are (strongly) influenced by your social circle(s) or based upon the collective needs of society or humanity. You are also apt to be very tech savvy, taking advantage of your affiliations with technological groups or clubs.

It doesn’t get much more social than this placement, and in the 11th, Aquarius likes to push the envelope in developing innovative and original ideas into the latest and greatest technologies or uses of it. This is where visionary artists and revolutionaries can make a name for themselves.

The funny thing is that what you do will often become really popular, or you’ll be ahead of your time and seen as really eccentric. Either way, go with it! Have fun being yourself and have fun finding others who accept you for who you are. Just be aware that sometimes, people may be around you just because you are at the front of the avant-garde pack. Use your discernment, and don’t get too attached to the attention.

Aquarius On Eleventh House Cusp is the natural location of Aquarius. What is involved here is the manner in which the Aquarius establishes relationships. First of all, to himself the Aquarius could be aloof, head in the clouds, very oblivious to situations around him, people around him, similar to a Gemini. When it comes to relating with other people, the Aquarius tends often to be attracted only to the unusual, the non-conformists.

In a very negative kind of way, it could bring about the revolutionary individual, the person who joins in with groups who are too advanced in what they think and might even resort to unusual methods to bring their ideas or what they think the would should be upon others.

Often, the Aquarian on the cusp of the eleventh house could attract inferior types of people, and because the Aquarian is so far above them, it could easily please the ego of the Aquarian, but the inferior ones are fawning upon him, trying to bask in reflected glory, to stand in awe of the knowledge of the Aquarius.

Aquarians are enlightened to higher concepts, but not necessarily to people around them. Of course, there is this conflict within the Aquarian who is the humanitarian, tends to embrace all of humanity. Again, does all of humanity want to be embraced by the Aquarian? But the Aquarian does not see this, and often feels that he has what mankind wants. Many Aquarians can set themselves up as self-styled gurus, seers.

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