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Aquarius On Sixth House Cusp

Aquarius On Sixth House Cusp

Aquarius in 6th House – Aquarius on the cusp of the Sixth House

With Aquarius On Sixth House Cusp your everyday activities (work, service) are focused on the wellness of groups and making the collective efforts of groups more effective and efficient. You may also find that you are inclined to create better productivity systems or methods for the individuals within these groups to maximize their contributions to the greater whole.

This placement puts the unique individual to work for the greater good of humanity. You are probably so acutely aware of the group dynamic in your workplace that it can make you the ultimate team player.

The danger with Aquarius in 6th House is that you become so much of a team player, you may forget to take care of the details of your life outside of your job. That, or you may allow your professional and personal to become one in the same. Either way, be sure to leave your job at the office and to take care of yourself and your personal life when you’re off the clock.

These people are always project-minded. They are never just involved in a stylized or routine type of activity. It is always a vast program with, again, the visionary type of activity. This location of Aquarius, the extreme quality or characteristic of the Aquarian could show itself as the individual who starts a commune, or goes in for certain types of movements, usually for which the world is not yet ready. Often they go off and simply “do their own thing” or form a group of like-minded individuals who will do that thing together, completely overlooking or ignoring, or not caring about others.

With Aquarius On Sixth House Cusp you would never find the Aquarian shoved off in a corner someplace, or sitting at a typewriter all day transcribing notes. Aquarius might be doing some promotional type of things for a community, community services, or if off in a corner, doing research for sociological projects, such as social welfare, community services in general.

Again, the Aquarian on the cusp of the sixth house is not that well understood by his co-workers or those for whom he works. This is because the Aquarian knows what he is going to do; nobody else does, and so it’s always anticipation, often fear of what the Aquarian might come up with next.

They would also be advocates of the latest fads going, and in the medical field would certainly be promoting the holistic healing approach, or psychic healing approach. This would lend itself to the interest of the Aquarian in new ideas and new concepts. They would not care whether it was popular or not, they would be too fully involved in the fact that it works for them.

With Aquarius on the cusp of the sixth house, the philosophy or approach or belief of the Aquarius is what the people need, not what they might want. The Aquarian knows that what he knows is good for all, and right also.


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