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Aquarius Ox Personality

Moody and sulky, how could anyone tolerate the Ox Aquarius, a withdrawn child in adult clothing? Because of your truly enormous and gifted propensity for storytelling, that’s why, as inherited from your Aquarius side.

You’ve got it refined down to an art form, and your ballistic sense of humor will have every anecdote lavishly peppered with witticisms, enough to keep the whole crowd in gut-wrenching hilarity — that is, when you choose to deploy it, which isn’t often, as the Ox in you is taciturn.

Ox AquariusYou often indulge in orgies of self-sacrifice for the sake of a little bit of fun, and will be more than happy to help drag everybody else in the immediate neighborhood straight to “the place to be” along with you.

Bipolar in your attitudes towards work and play, home and mate, it’s best not to take yourself too seriously. After all, no matter how sincere you may be right now, you’re a lovable rogue with a fickle mind that could change tomorrow, with disastrous consequences for anyone who might have depended upon you for security and support.

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