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The Aquarius Parent

If your parent is an Aquarius, they are friendly to everybody. That is good, since all your friends like your parent. It can be embarrassing too, because they’ll talk to strangers wherever they go! Your parent has a very open mind. They probably are interested in the music you like, and might even borrow your trendy CDs! You can tell your parent anything. They can be like an older friend sometimes, and not like someone who’s in charge of you. They include you in setting up rules and chores, rather than just ordering you around. Your Aquarian parent wants you to learn what you like and why so you can make good choices in life.

The Aquarius Child

You are interested in everything! You probably taught yourself to read when you were very young. Now you read anything you can get your hands on! You really like science, astronomy and computers. You like people who are different from you. This makes you a good friend since you get along with all the groups at school. Kids who seem weird to others are interesting to you.
You like it when adults treat you like you are a person, rather than “a kid”. You’ll be more willing to follow orders from these grown-ups, since you know
they respect you. Otherwise, you can be rebellious toward people who say, “Do it because I said so”. Read more about Aquarius Child

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