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The Aquarius Phase Of Seven Year Cycle

Aquarius is the 11th phase of the seven year cycle and it’s archetype is The Waterbearer. The Waterbearer symbolizes unique individuality, social consciousness, eccentricity, inventiveness.

In The Aquarius Phase a process of discontent develops, and the need to break from the confines or strictures that one has put oneself in. The social milieu or social mores, or, more to the point, the social position you have accepted as your own is not satisfactory. You seek a revolution, a breaking away to a new you, yet still within the society or group social structure within which you participate.

AquariusYou seek an acknowledgment of yourself within this social sphere as a unique individual. You seek progress for yourself, to grow, to evolve, to become more. You seek a new position, and this can literally be the case if you seek a new job.

Aquarius is one of the phases processes whose midpoints represent a ‘breakpoint’ for your life, a point of destruction/creation, as do the midpoint of the phases Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio. These points require a breaking away from old structures, and thus a destruction of old structures through the process of the phase. In Aquarius that destruction is of the sense of yourself as relegated to a certain social position or to a certain perspective on yourself as only being able to ‘go so far’.

Aquarius is a time of personal revolution within the context of your participation within the social sphere. It is a kind of culmination within the overall process of your integration within the larger social context that began as a process within the confrontation of The Libra Phase. In this phase you evolve to the highest level of social participation, and yet within that evolution you are breaking away to a more personal expression of your own uniqueness as an individual within the social milieu.

This phase is about the struggle to express your personal uniqueness in the larger social realm in which you exist based on the commitments and sense of direction you gained in the previous phase. It is discovering the need to move from a more social incarnation to a more uniquely personal expression within the social realm. This phase is a life reorientation phase as you go through the midpoint.

The Capricorn phase just preceding this one required a struggle with commitment. As you move into the Aquarius phase you begin to rub up against those situations in your social environments that appear inhibiting to your sense of unique self expression. You begin to see how situations within your total environment inhibit your sense of freedom and self expression within the social sphere.

As you pass the midpoint, the reorientation becomes intense and you begin to feel that your environments are literally pushing you to make a break. You may find during this phase that you will be disacknowledged in some way in your desire to express your more personal self-hood and you will need to make a break from this disacknowledgment to a situation in which you are able to incarnate a more uniquely personal self-expression within the social realm.

You will take action to incarnate a circumstance that allows this more personalized expression of yourself after the midpoint “break”. This phase embodies the struggle with personal freedom over against social norm or expected behavior. As a result of commitments made during the previous phase you wrestle with the need to express your individuality within the social realm. You discover the limiting or inhibiting nature of situations that you presently exist in and begin the process of breaking with them, especially as you move into and past the midpoint crises.

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