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Aquarius Rabbit Personality

Any Rabbit Aquarius these days was born at the right time — your passion for the odds-and-ends of our technophiliac age is barely sated by the constant stream of new gadgetry that comes off the assembly lines each week.

This Aquarian zest for novelty in the guise of hardware dovetails nicely with your Rabbit-inspired couch potato tendencies, and will render you flabby unless you work at getting a bit of track time in on weekends.

Your rosy outlook on life is also reflected in the renewed optimism of this our pristine century, and in fact you can be something of an insufferable Pollyanna to friends and neighbors both.

But this will certainly not bother you — after all, nothing else seems to bother you, ever. Negative emotions dispersed at night with a good private cry are nobody’s business but your own.

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