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Aquarius Rat Personality

The spacey spiritual sensibilities of the Aquarius are here married to the material nature of the Rat to create a very self-conflicting sign. Neurosis can frequently rear its ugly head within the head of the Rat Aquarius.

Confusion and boredom with the workaday world are constant concomitants, as your precious fallacies and ideal expectations are shattered one by one.

Rat AquariusGiven that, as one of these tentative, hypersensitive fence sitters, you are almost congenitally incapable of communicating your true emotions, your best bet is to settle down with the sort of staid, dependable, supportive person who usually drives you crazy with their pragmatism.

This is the sort of dilemma that the inherent creative genius that inhabits members of this sign may take half a lifetime to solve to your interior satisfaction. Prediction: contradiction.

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