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Aquarius Rooster Personality

The Rooster Aquarius needs a lover that will drive you crazy trying to decode the inner workings of their cryptogram of a soul. You’re like that — curiosity wrapped in the swaddling clothes of popular mysticism, a la Aquarius. You may be inclined to dabble in the paranormal, and if you can earn a living by it, why not?

Rooster AquariusYou specialize and delight in trashing the old-fashioned and in classic Rooster style trumpeting the praises of the new, and when you feel the tug of memory playing about your heartstrings, you shrug it off, because sentiment is for the senile.

Take the time to play with your victims before you claim them — you could learn a great deal from clandestine interrogation. Don’t linger before your mirror — someday, if you’re grievously unlucky, there may not be a reflection there to greet you in the morning.

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