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Aquarius Spiritual Meaning

Aquarius Spiritual Meaning

Your Aquarian spirit is inquisitive, broad minded, strong willed and opinionated.

Aquarius, your boundaries lie in the outer world and radiate towards humanity and a sense of united brotherhood with objectives of bettering society and our world.

Your energy is electrified, vibrant, thought oriented and progressive.

You belong to both the future and the past bringing the best forward and reworking it to liberate and inspire growth.

Your Strengths….

Are those of the mind, the ability to see and devise new ways to do things. Your heart envelopes the world rather than the personal making us feel connected to your causes and your beliefs.

You are a brother (or sister) to all. You are led by cosmic lightning and follow no ones truth but your own. Rather than being the total lack of ego you are the acceptance of ego…and one of your most glorious strengths is your Belief in Who You Are.

Honor Your Spirit and…….

…believe in the undeniable goodness of human-kind, enjoy the brilliance of lightning and thunder and seek to help others to do the same,. listen and walk to your own beat with gentleness and with the needs and egos of others ever important, embrace a rainbow and bring it to life, think thoughts no one else conceives and live them, honor the divine, the unique and the brilliant, find a cause and put your soul into it.

Allow your emotions to sometimes guide your mind, never get off the wonderful roller coaster of life but learn to guide where it visits, capture a truth and give it away with joy, follow a falling star and create a dream, learn the strength of your heart and radiate within it, believe in the unbelievable, argue with logic.

Aquarius, live with peace and live for peace, know the difference between creating a drama and being true to yourself, stay still the next time you feel the urge to run,

Turning Adversity into Strength.

For an Aquarian the same dazzling mind and thought processes that are your undeniable strengths can also become a weakness when you do not tune into the pull and truth of your emotions.

When the waters of life are a little rough allowing your heartfelt needs to guide the potential of your mind creates empowering scenarios which turn enemies into friends and turn the tides on the tables.

Do not be afraid of testing out your radical ideas and ideals but do so with a commitment to what is best for all concerned. When faced with repression or oppression think your way free but follow the guidelines of your heart.

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