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Aquarius Tattoo Designs Ideas

Aquarius Tattoo Designs Ideas

Aquarius is a fixed air sign represented by a water bearer, which means a person carrying water and pouring it down to the world. They are intellectual but also creative and unique. Though people think of them as unemotional but rather rational, they actually truly care about humanity as a whole, and have leadership qualities that they use to lead people towards what they believe is the right direction.

Aquarius Tattoos Best Design Ideas for Zodiac Tattoos

Aquarians are known for their spiritual nature. They also possess a calm and composed temperament. If you are an Aquarian, your traits and disposition in life enable you to have a strong connection with the world.

Though, most Aquarius body art (Aquarius tattoo) are tattooed using green and blue inks, you can use your imagination and spice up the Aquarius tattoo design by playing with diverse shades of colors.

Aquarius tattoos need not to be large just to make it more appealing and interesting.

You can go for Aquarius’ glyph that can simply fascinate anyone. If summer excites you because of water getaways, there is no way you would not appreciate the glyph for Aquarius that looks like two jagged parallel and horizontal lines that resemble the ocean waves.

You can let the glyph alone embody your Aquarian attributes but you can also strive for an extra cool design by adding some wonderful imagery in Aquarius tattoo.

Since Aquarians are proud of their living environment, plants can be an auxiliary component of Aquarius tattoos. There are variety of flowers and plants you can associate in your tattoo (Aquarius tattoo) to express your innate love for nature. Flowers are always pleasing to the eyes because of this; you can add Dandelions, Goldenrods, Bird of Paradise and the popular Orchids in your tattoo design to make it more amusing.

If you find the Aquarius word cool enough to stand for your thoughts, you can plainly use lettered Aquarius tattoos. Although, picking your tattooist for this kind of body art requires you to be more meticulous, once you choose a good tattoo artist, you will never fail yourself and others with your Aquarius tattoo masterpiece that is very pleasing to the eyes.

Furthermore, since the approach of the lettered Aquarius tattoos is straightforward, the message you want to convey is communicated to others easily with Aquarius tattoo.

More Aquarius Tattoo

In ancient mythology, the water bearer was seen as one who provided rain and water to humanity so that the human race could flourish and continue to grow.

A water bearer tattoo can be personalized in a variety of ways to make it more creative and a truer reflection of the individual. For instance they can draw the person carrying the water as someone they idolize, or even an idealized image of themselves.

Though it has historically been a man carrying the water, female Aquarians should not hesitate to get a woman, a Goddess, or a fairy in place of a man. Or, instead of a person they can choose an animal, such as a dolphin.

The amount of water can vary as well. From a large jug with pouring water that flows into a stream or river, to simply just a few drops spewing from a cup, there are many ways to make this tattoo unique.

A waterfall tattoo with a person at the top of the waterfall looking down is an interesting spin and can make an outstanding tattoo.

The glyph symbol for Aquarius looks like two wavy lines, which are meant to represent waves of water. Tatting the glyph in blue can be done on any body part, and to personalize it the Aquarian can add a quote beneath it. “Stay true to who you are,” is simple quote that goes well with those born under this sign. They have a need to remain true to themselves despite what is mainstream.

Getting a quote tatted is something an Aquarius would be inclined to do as they are wordy, expressive and intellectual as well as unique and would want to make their own phrase that no one else has heard yet. On top of that they are artistic and creative so they will likely come up with a pattern, or color scheme that stands out.

The phrase “The truth is what I seek and the only the thing I speak,” written across their ribs for instance, is surefire way to express the honest integrity that each Aquarians typically possesses.

They are often on a quest for knowledge and truth. Even if that means they stray off the typical route and create their own path. As such, getting a tattoo of a pathway of any sort, whether its nature path or, or a road which leads them success is a great reminder to them that their own path is they only way they can go to live the life they truly long for.

This is can be made to be as intrinsic and specific as they wish, or can be a more simple smaller tattoo depending on how the individual views their path to happiness.

Getting a Aquarius tattoo is an experience like no other, which requires appropriate decision making.

But because you are an Aquarian, you will never have a hard time searching for the best design ideas for your Aquarius tattoo since you are creative and innovative by nature. So, good luck with Aquarius tattoo.

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