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Aquarius Tiger Personality

The cerebral nature of the airy Aquarius part of you is galvanized into constant motion by your Tiger aspect, with contradictory results. In other words, you’re a constantly bustling ball of energy that never seems to get anything done. You enjoy creating work for yourself that eats up time and is fundamentally unproductive — it’s your form of recreation.

Pets and children can aid the Tiger Aquarius in this fruitless process — their demands make you feel needed and loved in a way that their love alone would not. After all, you’re not hurting anyone else by this propensity for unrequited labor.

But don’t expect a sympathetic ear from those who have watched you from afar — they’ll simply tell you to cut down on the extracurricular activities and spend more time in the bathtub. You need a lover who can teach you how to relax, and somehow put up with your dynamo instincts in the process.

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