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The Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius woman possesses a peculiar and interesting nature. Following the coded instructions of her sign, we can see that she deeply embodies the concept of “deconditioning” and that of “freedom”; she finds it hard to adapt to traditional roles: she finds them restrictive and she does not want to revisit history.

The Aquarius woman loves new things and tries, as much as is possible, to make her ideals match the life she is living. This is a big handicap that makes her feel different and, as a result, what will happen afterwards will depend on the acceptance or the repudiation of this sense of diversity.

As a rule, she tries hard not to get tangled up in a net that would make her live badly even though, from other points of view, it is not easy to live completely outside traditional rules which are particularly reassuring and seem to make you feel accepted, an acceptance she almost always feels is denied to her. In any case, she is psychologically “different”, but at times she manages to deny this side to feel more secure and, in this case, opens herself up to great difficulties that will end up also affecting the people around her.

Let’s remember that these “different” women have always existed, also in ages when the condition and roles of women were really restrictive and absolutely limited by the needs and rules of men, just because they represent the new, the possibility of moving forward and not getting entrapped inside fixed and rigid standards.

The Aquarius woman, needless to say, is someone who has fought the hardest battles to get out of these limits, to make herself independent and autonomous and no longer be subjected to that role of “broodmare” or angel of the hearth that was imposed on her with no possible alternative.

They are women of times gone by, who have been part of the history of our past culture, very autonomous and who, for that reason, have paid a high price for their diversity and, perhaps, for the fact they did not become wives and mothers, proud of themselves and their choices even though they were certainly inconvenient at that time.

This is one of the most interesting characteristics of the nature of the Aquarius woman: she is weird, different…not because she is actually like that, but because the society she lives in finds it easier to think that she is the one to be “unconventional” and not “integrated”, rather than think that there are also women who were not born to be mothers and wives and who have the sacred right to show and express their true identity without necessarily being accused of “abnormality”.

They are intelligent women with a strong personality and, therefore, not so submissive. Since they were little girls, they have showed their own intolerant side when asked to adapt to a kind of standardised female cliché. Even though they were not fully aware yet of what was happening, the strive for freedom was crawling in, emerging with sporadic rebellions, especially when they were told: “girls do not scream and do not fight” or “girls are sweet and obliging”… it was just these words that triggered off, completely unconsciously, the rebellious nature and the refusal “to join the ranks”.

These women are more inclined to achieve their own fulfilment, which, however, does not exclude the possibility of being also mothers and wives, but it indicates a precise need to do something for themselves and for the other people, without having to do it necessarily in the most ancient and common way.

It is not easy and certainly was not easy for them when free women were considered to be immoral: the fact itself that they had maybe loved a man and refused to marry him, automatically put them among the people “to avoid” because regarded as weird and stubborn.

The woman of the sign of Aquarius is deeply marked by the “spirit of the times” and gathers new needs and new models which she brings then into the society, and she tries to express her nature in a different way, but not less interesting and, above all, less useful, for that; she is not very “motherly”, in the sense that she does not consider it necessary to have her own child. She can easily love other people’s children because she has no sense of possession and not even a powerful biological instinct. She can work in “social” contexts and help children, even if they are not hers and she sees them only for a short time.

The Aquarius woman feels she is called upon to make the world where she lives better than how she found it, and she does it by making her personal contribution silently, without great ostentation. She believes in solidarity, but also believes that the world should be less contaminated by selfishness and excessive passions that inflame the spirits and lead people to believe that if they line up on one side rather than on the other, life will improve.

The Aquarius woman is calm, detached enough not to be irrationally involved in idealisms; she has a flair for mediation and dialogue through which she tries to negotiate collective needs without giving in to the temptation to see all the shadows outside and in the other people.

The Aquarius woman is a free and independent partner. Men are often attracted to this type of woman but are also afraid of her because they find it impossible to project their instability and irrational side onto her. They know that life won’t be easy with her, because she won’t be with them because she signed a contract, or because she needs security or stability; they know that she will be there until the relationship can satisfy both of them, after that she is ready to end the relationship and make a fresh start.

This side of the female nature is not easily accepted by the male world yet, because these types of women are demanding, they require participation and sharing, faithfulness to yourselves and to your own values and, above all, they require a perception of the other as someone who does not belong to you and who becomes a fellow traveller for a while, without thinking it will be “forever”.

This adverb is absolutely excluded from the psyche of an Aquarius; it belongs to a Leo who has an inborn sense of immutability: Aquarius never thinks everything can last “forever”; it would be a contradiction in terms for this sign, since they are inclined to break with continuity by making changes that they consider real opportunities for both the individual and the community.

The Aquarius woman presents herself as free, able to live with a man but equally able to be alone if the man is not a true partner and if he restricts or damages her personality: she is a rational woman, able to make great plans and also able to quickly let go, with no regrets, of anything that does not allow her to express her genuine nature.

The Aquarius woman is an excellent friend; she can understand and accept the other people just the way they are, without creating too many illusions. She is ready to change but does not ask the others to do so; if something does not appeal to her she simply does not do it or avoids it: in a word she “chooses”. She is detached, objective, experimental in all fields, sexuality and emotional ties included.

The Aquarius woman dark side is represented by excessive idealism: sometimes she is so focused on perfection that she looses sight of the sense of fallibility of man. Another defect is the excessive fear of becoming attached and of missing the opportunities that freedom offers. Also when she behaves like that, she deceives herself and detaches herself from her inner truth. In fact, she must remain faithful to her values and her ideals, if she escapes the reality thinking it is too constrictive, she ends up staying out of experiences, destroying them before they are structured and also before she has savoured them or incorporated them.

Change is an important part of the Aquarius woman nature, but it cannot and must not be “change at all costs” for fear of settling down.

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