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Aquarius Women Marriage

Aquarius Women Marriage

Once you hear your Aquarius girl is getting married, you know this is a bit shocking at first glance. Generally speaking, this is the type of lady who really is larger than life.

Usually, the Aquarius woman is a strong and powerful lady who knows herself and her goals. Her confidence radiates and her sense of body structure plays out as a positive and sturdy young individual. That being said, her way of expressing herself is ultimately clear and straightforward. She is a business girl, so when she announces that she is getting married, her overall marriage style will not be traditional in any sense of the word. It will, however, be spiritual, deep, loving, and emotionally based.

She can even be seen as a manly type, only because she thinks like a man. She is so direct that her words can cut like a knife. She is highly unpredictable and her mannerisms could use some feminine work. But, nonetheless, once she finds the man that makes her all feminine and girly, she will give herself to him completely. Her wedding ceremony will be mostly simple, with the vows being hand written ideally. She wants everything to come straight from the heart, so there are real feelings and emotions at the party.

The Aquarius gals are very sensible and practical people. Essentially, they love life and even aim to be free from anyone. They really try to take life as it comes, and do not thrive on drama in any sense of the word. They use their brains for good purpose and rarely make dumb decisions.

So, when that is in terms of marriage and their overall wedding plans, they will be bright sailing and make choices that are easy-peasy. In terms of the whole marriage idea, it could be a bit shocking for the fellow Aquarius gal to internalize this process, initially.

This is the type of lady who does what she wants when she wants it. She has no strings, as freedom calls her name and she gotta go out! Therefore, getting the idea of marriage part her thoughts would take some time. She would have to certainly adjust to the fact that marriage means a slight alteration in the way she would live with her love mate.

She would essentially never want to be owned by her man. She sees possession and jealousy as something that just ruins everything. As long as she knows who she is, she will never let a man take advantage of that. She is after all her own individual, so marriage is something that seems foreign to her in the matter of the man controlling everything, even if it is just the idea of it. She will not have it, so it will take some time for her to come around and decide this final step. But when she does change her mind, her man would know who she is and how to deal with her.

She would thus need to communicate her feelings so that there is no confusion in the air. She will not have it if he ever tells her what to do or how to do it. That is not a marriage for her. A marriage to her would be something that requires equality, love, devotion, and staying faithful to one another. It is a strong bond that is unbreakable at best.

The Aquarius woman really sees marriage as a union, where both parties should be equally accepting the responsibilities of life and a relationship with a bit of compromise as well. After she communicates her desires of marriage to her man, the rest would just be secondary in their relationship. This is real and this talking it out is what matters at the end of the day in order to have and maintain a happy and understanding marriage and overall relationship.

Overall, the Aquarius female types are so independent that everything comes easy to them. If they decide on something, it would be completed at the touch of a finger. They are big go getters, so you can imagine that they utilize their strengths to a point that makes them have confidence in themselves and in their life decisions. When that very choice depends on family and getting married, well that just creates an easy transition for them if they are sure of the guy they want to marry.

You see, these gals have no problem being single, as they feel a sense of power over other people just because their nature seems to convince them they do not need a man to protect and guide them in life. They internalize this and then finding their spouse or love mate would ultimately be ten times easier, as there is no pressure whatsoever with any details or plans. They want a marriage style that is all natural and simple. They are well aware of the fact that getting the man of their dreams was plenty, a wedding party would just be the icing on top.

So when the calm wedding party is over, maybe on a remote island somewhere up south where the heat encourages peace and serenity, the married couple will go for a swim in the ocean, and just enjoy themselves nonchalantly. The Aquarius girl is a non conformist by nature so you could expect that her decisions would not be typical.

In addition, she will be the type of wife who values marriage in a deep way, trusting it that connects her to her man at the end of the day. She will still want her freedom every now and again, but marriage will be something that gives her a sense of freedom and security in one swoop. She will just love being married and feeling at ease, without any pressure. She and her new husband will travel the world together in an effort to get close to one another. Their personalities will thrive and they will learn to love each other much more through time spent together!

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